6 Specialized Job Titles Perfect for Career Changers

Finding the right career for yourself isn’t as simple as focusing on your top interests anymore. In today’s challenging economic environment, it’s essential to look for career prospects that are expected to expand and evolve for the future. Many jobs in industry and service could be lost to automation or other factors. Those who are currently looking for a graduate school major or considering a career change should think about different opportunities in a variety of fields. Here are six specialized job titles that could be seeing an improved outlook for the future workplace setting.

  1. Genetic Counselors

The medical industry continues to see huge growth throughout all of its specializations. More medical professionals are looking to expand their offerings into specific services and specialized tasks. One such possibility for job potential is a genetic counselor. Medical technology and scientific breakthroughs have increased the importance of genetic counselors in many families’ health plans. Genetic counselors work alongside doctors to help individuals understand their genes or reduce their chances of passing on genetic problems to their children

  1. Retirement Advisors

Another job with lots of potential for growth is one in the financial sector, a retirement advisor. The changing landscape of company pensions and social security have made it necessary for all workers to develop a solid plan for retirement. Part of this plan should be a method of saving money while in the midst of their career. Retirement advisors help consumers make the right choices about investing and saving for the life stage after work. Many people are realizing the importance of this job, which has pushed the demand up for these professionals.

  1. App Developers

The software development field is another spot that could see even more growth in the next few years. More specifically, app developers for mobile technology may be in hot demand. Some even predict a potential shortage of qualified individuals skilled in developing apps. This means those who have a degree in this field and expertise could ask for top salaries. If you already have experience in software, you may want to refocus your expertise into app development.

  1. Tax Attorneys

In the law industry, it’s also expected that tax attorneys will become even more valuable to the average consumer or business owner. With more opportunities for self-employment in the new economy, there is a demand for skilled tax professionals who can help business owners understand the complex tax code. Lawyers can specialize in this field by pursuing a masters of law in taxation from a school like Villanova to prepare for this.

  1. Forensic Scientist

Next, science professionals skilled in specialized fields could also see their services being more in demand. One possible area for growth in the industry is in forensic science. Technology in the crime lab has come a long way since this field first started becoming commonplace decades ago. Now, nearly all complex criminal investigations involve the skills of forensic scientists.

  1. Data Scientists

Finally, if you have an interest in big data or computer science, you may want to look into becoming a data scientist. This relatively new type of job title has become more important to businesses and organizations recently. Data scientists work with large scale databases to help companies improve processes, make better products, and understand consumer behavior. Governments and healthcare organizations are exploring ways to use big data to help make their industries better as well.

If you’re looking to make a change in your career focus, it’s best to go with a specialized job title that could help you market your skills more effectively. Choosing one of these jobs for your future career or changing your current position’s focus into one of these subjects could help you get more out of your career aspirations and reach higher levels of success.

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