10 Important Asylum Policy Reforms in the First 100 Days of the Biden Administration

When President Biden took to office on January 20, 2021, he came along with US immigration system policies. Here are ten of the anticipated policy reforms he would make in the first 100 days of being seated in the White House.

1.  CDC reversal of public health and border closure

During the Trump administration, they announced a policy is preventing individuals who transitioned through another country from seeking asylum in the US.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ordered to prohibit specific individuals who require processing at Canadian and Mexican borders.

The Biden administration has yet to state this.

2.  End the Expedited Asylum Review Processes for HARP/PACR

The previous administration launched two pilot programs to expedite the deportation process of seeking asylum in the US. Under the Prompt Asylum Claim Review (PACR) and the Humanitarian Asylum Review Process (HARP), asylum seekers are brought through the process within a few days of arriving in the country. The objective is to move the cases faster and effectively.

3.  Ending Policies that Trapped Asylum Seekers at the Border

This is commonly referred to as metering. The Migrant Protection Protocol is the implementation of creating refugee camps for asylum seekers at the southern border.

4.  The Reunion of Families Separated Under Zero Tolerance

Zero tolerance is one of the Trump administration’s policies that dealt with the criminal prosecution of all adults who crossed into the states outside of a port of entry. Even though the program was terminated, families were still separated at the southern border, and parents are having difficulty finding their children.

5.  Ending the New Border Wall Construction

One of the most famous policies was to build a wall along the southern border. Biden has promised to stop the building project immediately, which will save about $2.6 billion.

6.  Reversal of the Decision to Limit Asylum Eligibility for Victims of Domestic Violence and Political Persecution

The new attorney general will have the power to enact this reform. The current administration has promised to reinstate protection for asylum seekers victims of domestic violence and political persecution.

7.  The Reversal of the Removal and Limitation of Habeas Corpus Claims

The Department of Homeland Security expanded the criteria that lead to the arrest and deportation of any immigrant living in the US, which endangered any immigrant who could not prove they have lived on US soil for more than two years.

8.  Investigation of Immigration Court Biases

The Biden administration wants to double the number of immigration judges, staff, and interpreters in immigration court to lessen the backlog. They should also aim to remove the performance metrics implemented by the previous administration to ensure unbiased rulings.

9.  Release Low-Risk Immigrants in Detention Facilities

Deconstructing the private detention facilities at the southern border will take more than 100 days, but they should start with releasing low-risk immigrants.

10. Reinstate a Fair Standard for Demonstrating Credible Fear for Asylum Seekers

This is important for asylum seekers who have credible or reasonable fear, saving their lives. For more information, ask an immigration lawyer in Houston or anywhere near you.