10 Tips For Getting Along With Colleagues

Starting a new job is always nerve wracking. Even more so when you think about your co-workers. Will you make friends for life? Are you going to meet the human version of a Monday? Regardless of who you come across, use these tips to make your working hours fun! Or at the very least, bearable.

#1 – Start Off on the Right Foot

First impressions count. Think about previous jobs and the way you came across. Were you unfriendly, or too intense? In your first week, try to greet everyone you see. It’ll create a solid image of you as an approachable colleague.

#2 – Establish Good Relationships

You’ll find people that you like. Hang on to them! Work outings are a great way to cement relationships. Tag along to any social events held by your workplace. There’s tons of hassle-free work outings that can fit everyone’s taste. It’s a great way to make some good friends. Which takes us to the next point.

#3 – Don’t Get Caught up in Gossip

Anything that happens outside of work, will be spoken about at work. It’s a given. Work gossip is unavoidable. You’re bound to hear things about coworkers’ personal lives. Establish yourself as a drama-free person early on. People will respect you for it.

#4 – Keep Romances Lowkey

We advise against work flings because they can go wrong. But if you can’t stop yourself, keep it on the downlow. As we mentioned, news spreads quickly. You don’t want rumours flying around. The last thing you want to do is compromise your position at your job. Keep any romances strictly for outside of work.

#5 – Don’t Drag Colleagues into the Dirt

Blaming colleagues is the quickest way to create tension between you and your coworkers. Admit that you’ve screwed up. You may annoy your team, but they’ll get over it. It makes you reliable and trustworthy. And helps you avoid awkward confrontations with colleagues.

#6 – Be Professional

Remember why you’re at work. To do your job! Underperforming can put a lot of stress on others in your team. Remember the work gossip we said to avoid? You’ll definitely be the trending topic if you let your professionalism slip.

#7 – Not Everyone is Your Friend

If you feel bullied or harassed, seek help! Even your superiors or your boss can act out of conduct. In this case, you can turn to personal injury lawyers. Diamond and Diamond Lawyers is one such company based in Muskoka. They offer support for emotional and physical harm.

#8 – Everyone Has Bad Days

Let’s face it, life can be pretty hard sometimes. Be kind to your colleagues. Offer to help with their workload if you can. If you find yourself struggling to handle stress, reach out to someone. Try to find time for relaxation. Life isn’t all about work, and you need to make sure that you relieve all that stress somehow. You can try some recreational ways like consuming cannabis (check http://ediblesmagazine.com/uncategorized/cannabis-consumption-methods-that-dont-involve-smoking/ for more) to make sure you do not burden yourself with the workload.

#9 – Respect Others

Respecting your colleagues is essential. Treat everyone fairly, and make sure your behaviour is appropriate as well. Avoid controversial topics such as politics and religion. They have no place at work anyway.

#10 – Be a Team Player

Remember putting this skill on your CV? It’s time to put it into action. Collaborating with coworkers isn’t always smooth sailing. It involves a lot of compromise. Listen to opinions before coming to a decision. It shows faith in your colleagues’ abilities. For the best virtual team building activities look no further

A Final Few Words

As long as you stick to these tips, your new workplace will be more comfortable to settle into. Who knows, you might even enjoy your job!