3 Careers You Might Not Have Thought Of

When you started out in elementary school, you weren’t thinking of the future at all. Your most important decision of the day was whether to get white or chocolate milk with your lunch. Matt-of-fact, most don’t really start to seriously consider what they will be when they grow up until the last two years of high school.

Then, we go to college and take classes to be doctors, lawyers, professional athletes, musicians, etc. Believe it or not, there seems to be an expected path of success. However, there are many other career opportunities that just don’t enter our mind for one reason or another. Here are a few of them.

Mining Engineer

When we were little, there were a handful of us that had rock collections. Many of still have a favorite type of rock to this day. Don’t deny it. Some of us even had pet rocks and named quite a few more. Do you still like to spend your days outside and have you kept an affinity for geology? Consider being a mining engineer.

In this setting you will get paid to play in the dirt. Mining engineers extract minerals from the earth in the interest of science and technology and tend to make over $90,000 a year doing it. Interested and headed to college? Make a strong stance in your science, math, and engineering courses.

Mortgage Consultant

Throughout life, there are many situations in which we must have at least a decent handle on money. Most of us, if we are honest, just aren’t that great with it. However, if you are one of the few who consider themselves great with money and think that you could lead others in wise decisions with their own, being a mortgage consultant may be the job for you.

A mortgage consultant is basically the same as a loan officer, except you are afforded the privilege of helping families find their way into a new home. If this is something that interests you, as you enter college, make sure to major in economics or finance. With a bachelor’s degree and some licence work, you could be enjoying life and making an average of $75,000 a year.

Yacht Attendants

Maybe, you were one of those kids who was always pretending to be lost in another country. Would you like to get paid to travel? Consider being a yacht attendant. Now, being yacht steward/dess is not all fun and games. You would be responsible for housekeeping duties, protecting the interior of the ship, and following the captain’s orders, in general. Most companies require that you have some experience with bartending, cigar service, and wine presentation.

They also mandate that you have STCW BST certification. Obtaining medical first aid training is always a plus, as well. If you are willing to meet the criteria and the thought of spending every weekend in a different port is appealing to you, you may want to look into being a yacht attendant and the possible $95,000 a year it could offer.

There are so many different options for careers these days. We are all created differently. Use what you have to make sure you enjoy waking up and going to work each day. Consider a job outside the box.

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