3 Ideas To Help Improve How The Medical Office You Manage Is Run

If you work in a medical office, whether on the medical side or on the administrative side, it’s important that you’re able to keep your office running smoothly. Things in the medical field move pretty fast, so you have to be able to keep up with your patients and their needs in conjunction with the needs of your staff members. If you’re having problems with the efficiency or the effectiveness of your office, you may start to see your number of patients dropping off as they go to offices that are run better. So to keep this from happening to you, here are three ideas to help improve how the medical office that you manage is being run.

Make A Good First Impression

In many offices, patients are told to get to their appointments a little earlier than their appointment actually starts. While this is meant to give the doctors and other staff members time to make any necessary changes before the patient gets in the exam room, patients may not follow your guidelines for arriving early, which can put everything behind schedule. To encourage patients to be on time or early for their appointments, AAFP.org suggests that you spend some more time creating a reception area that makes a good first impression. Try to make your waiting room more comfortable and enjoyable for your patients to be in. You might want to try offering free snacks or beverages, bringing in a water feature and more plants, or installing multiple televisions.

Identify Your Bottlenecks

Even if you’re able to start the day off right, you might find that by lunch, everything that was going well has no started to break down. When this happens, it can cause all your appointments and calls to backup and create some real administrative problems for the whole office. To keep this from happening, Amy Demarco, a contributor to MicroMD.com, advises that you spend some time identifying what the bottlenecks are that cause your office to get off track. Once you’re able to pinpoint what causes the hiccups, you can then find solutions to help overcome these issues or prevent them from happening entirely.

Create A “No Gossip” Policy

Having the business side of your medical office running smoothly is an obvious must. However, it’s also important that the internal part of your business has what it needs to flourish as well, meaning that your staff feels comfortable and safe in this work environment. One thing you can do to increase these positive feelings from your staff, according to Audrey McLaughlin, a contributor to PhysiciansPractice.com, is to create a “No Gossip” policy in your office. By doing this, you’ll be able to keep your workplace professional and avoid the problems that arise when coworkers collide.

If you’re having a hard time managing your medical office, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.