3 Things to Consider When Creating a Social Media Strategy for an Amazon Store

It is no secret that social media is a powerful tool for building up a brand or business and has a very valued place in both digital advertising and online shopping. It is expected that social media will continue to form and grow with online shopping and e-commerce experiences, along with an array of benefits that will help businesses grow. 

 To see why you should create a social media strategy for Amazon, and how to do it, keep reading this piece!

 Why Create a Social Media Strategy for Amazon?

 Social media is extremely affluent when it comes to online sales. It is also free to make business accounts and gives businesses access to millions of potential customers, which is why all those who have an e-commerce account with Amazon should consider using it! 

 There are plenty of benefits of businesses using social media. Social media facilitates a genuine connection with customers, influences cross-promotion, drives traffic to where you direct it and helps generate leads.

 Social media can also help improve customer service tenfold because of the engagement, and this can also foster brand loyalty too, which is essential to a brand’s growth and success.

 It is estimated that 2.95 billion people worldwide were using social media in 2019, which is due to increase to 3.43 billion around 2023. This means social media is the fastest way to connect to billions of potential customers.

 Amazon already has hundreds of millions of users around the globe, so pairing these together is a recipe for success. The process is simple enough, just drive traffic from social media accounts directly to Amazon listings, and with this, you are giving customers access to more information about products, letting them gain further details and get exclusive deals – whatever you choose.

Decide on Platforms, Tone of Voice, and Be Consistent

 The number one key to creating a social media strategy for an Amazon store is first to determine the demographic of the products or services you are selling. This will tell you what platforms will suit your business best.

 It is then extremely important to be consistent with your brand’s tone across all of these platforms to help solidify a brand. Remember to also keep your brand professional as Amazon has the right to terminate your account if it does not believe your business meets its high standards. While there are companies out there, like https://www.sunkenstone.com/blog/amazon-ban/, which can help manage your Amazon marketing, keeping a consistent quality throughout your business is the best way to avoid being banned.

Listen to Your Customers

 This is one of the most vital parts of a social media strategy. Customers can type whatever they like for the whole world to see, so it is important that their questions are getting answered and customers remain happy. Make sure to respond as soon as possible, as if customers move on to official complaints through Amazon, and they accumulate, this can lead to your business account getting banned. If that does happen, there are businesses such as riverbendconsulting.com which can help you professionally appeal. 

 Put Faces with Your Brand

 If there is one thing that businesses can utilize when it comes to social media that they cannot do on Amazon, it is creating an authentic brand story. This can be done via pictures and videos of day to day “life of an employee” or events – anything that can connect to a customer on a personal level, showing them the ‘human’ behind your Amazon online store.