3 Things To Do Immediately After Getting Hurt At Work

While no one looks forward to the prospect of getting injured, what can make this sad event even more difficult is if you happen to get hurt while on the job. Although your costs will likely be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance, you still have to deal with your own recovery, your lack of ability to continue working as normal, and just the overall stress of the situation. However, what you first do as soon as you’ve become injured can help make this entire process much easier to manage. So to help you be prepared if and when this happens to you, here are three things to do immediately after getting hurt at work.

Get The Medical Help You Need

If your injury is acute or emergent and needs immediate medical treatment, you shouldn’t let anything stand in your way of getting the medical help you need. Especially if your life is on the line or you could have a loss of limb or other part of your body, your safety takes priority. If you’ve had a less intense injury but still would like medical assistance, Roberta Codemo, a contributor to LegalZoom.com, recommends that you ask your employer to check with their insurance and see if there’s a specific doctor you need to be seen by or if you’re able to choose who you get your care from. By taking this first step, you’ll be able to avoid a lot of potential confusion and doctor-swapping.

Create An Official Report

Once you’ve sustained your injury, it’s crucial that you begin documenting everything, starting with creating an official report that you give to your employer as well as keeping for your own records. According to Anne Lane, a contributor to AllLaw.com, if you don’t officially report that you’ve been injured as soon as it happens, you could run into a lot of legal problems if you later try to report your injury. Depending on your state or your employer, you might need to have your official report in writing. In some states or situations, you might be able to get away with just a verbal report, but you should still document what happened for your own records, at the very least.

Consider Getting A Lawyer

If you don’t have the best relationship with your employer, have known of other employees have difficulty with workers’ compensation claims, or think that your case is more complicated that you’re able to handle on your own, WorkplaceFairness.org shares that you might want to consider getting a lawyer on your side. With the right legal counsel, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re given the proper legal protection that you deserve.

To help you know what to do if you ever are to get hurt at work, consider implementing the tips mentioned above.