3 Tips for Fighting Germs Around The Office

When cold and flu season rolls along, it can make even the most normal places and routines suddenly begin crawling with germs and bacteria that could make you very sick. Especially in the workplace, it’s important to be careful what you expose yourself to. And while most people know they should stay home from work when feeling sick, if your company has strict time-off rules or doesn’t allow for many sick days, it can cause people to feel like they need to come to work even when sick, which can put everyone at your office in danger of catching something, too. So to help you stay as healthy as you can, here are three tips for fighting germs around the office.

Keep Your Area Clean

If you have an area that you specifically work in, like an office or cubicle, Mansi Dhorda, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, recommends that you do all you can to keep that area clean. By trying to stay on top of the clutter that often builds up in a workspace, you can rid your desk of any uneaten food or additional items that could hold on to cold or flu germs. Also, try to use sanitizing wipes to clean down your desk and the tools or appliances you use frequently so you can keep as many germs away from your workspace as possible. If you think you’ll need a hand keeping your office clean then why not try a commercial cleaner? One highly recommended company is the UK based cleaners at Ideal Cleaning who offer a range of cleaning services which cover pretty much anything you can think of.  Their case studies highlight the quality of work conducted which is something you should look into if you’re in doubt over which service to go with.

Don’t Share

While you’ve likely been taught that it’s nice to share with others, when it comes cold and flu season, it’s actually safer for you and everyone else if you cut way back on the amount that you share. Not only does this apply to things like drinks or food, but also to things like phones and pens. Monsters.com shares that germs can spread incredibly fast when things are shared among people, especially if the people you’re sharing with are already sick or aren’t as vigilant about keeping their hands or areas sanitized.

Get The Sleep Your Body Needs

To make sure your body is ready to fight off any cold or flu germs that may get into your system, John Fawkes, a contributor to the Huffington Post, recommends that you ensure your body is getting the sleep that it needs. When you’re not allowing your body and mind to get the rest they need, you open yourself up to many other unhealthy habits, like overeating, decreased productivity, and hormonal changes. All of these things can make your body more vulnerable to attack from sickness. So if you need to, say “no” to certain invitations or proposals so you can ensure you’re letting your body rest and relax during cold and flu season.

If you’re looking for ways to stay healthy while working with people in your office, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you keep those office germs at bay.

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