3 Tips For Dealing With Cancer As A Career Woman

If you’re a woman who’s dedicated her life to having a successful and fulfilling career, one of the scariest thoughts is that you might lose this aspect of your life at some point. Now, if you add into the situation that the reason your career might be in jeopardy is because you’ve been given a scary medical diagnosis, like that of breast cancer, the shock to your system might be more than you can bear.

In some situations, measures can be taken to help preserve your career and even allow you to continue working while you get the care you need for your cancer diagnosis. So to help you know if this is the course you should set yourself on, here are three tips for dealing with cancer as a career woman. 

Speak To Your Doctor First

Before you even begin coming up with a plan for how you’ll continue working as you go through treatment or how you’ll get back into working once you’ve recovered, Pam Stephan, a contributor to Very Well Health, shares that you should first speak with your doctor about how likely your professional desires will line up with what your body will allow.

Depending on what your job is and what your treatment plan is, it might not be realistic for you to keep working at your current job while you’re undergoing treatment for cancer. If this is the case, your doctor will be able to help you know what you are capable of while still keeping yourself safe. 

Talk To Your Boss About Your Options

If you’re determined to keep working while you’re going through treatment for cancer and have been given the green-light from your doctor, Cancer.org shares that the next thing you should do is speak with your boss about your situation and what your options might be.

During this conversation, it’s important that you’re clear about not knowing exactly what you’ll be able to do as you’re going through treatment, as you can’t now know how you’ll react or feel. With this information, you and your boss should be able to set reasonable expectations and see how adjustments might be made for you to continue working in some capacity. 

Adapt Your Workspace To Your New Needs

As you start going through treatment and are continuing to work, you’ll likely have to adapt your workspace for the new needs you’ll have for your physical capabilities. 

Jamie Schwachter, a contributor to the Cleveland Clinic, shares that some of the adjustments you might want to make will include ways to keep yourself comfortable, like moving everything into arm’s reach and investing in a more comfortable seat with added padding or support. 

If you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer and are wanting to keep working as you go through treatment, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you navigate your way through this.