3 Tips For Finding a Job While On Probation

If you have recently found yourself in trouble with the law and are required to serve probation rather than jail time, you may be counting your lucky stars. While there are many perks to serving probation rather than being locked up, it still comes with consequences. If you violate your probation, you may end up finding yourself in even deeper trouble than had you gone to jail.

It can also be considerably challenging to keep the job that you have or find a new one. Although you may find employers who are open-minded, you’ll likely find more that will see your probation status as a red flag.  

There’s no way of telling whether an employer is going to find out about your probation status by conducting a background check. All it takes is a simple search on government records to see that you have been convicted of a crime. It is therefore in your best interests to know what steps you need to take so that your job possibilities are not hampered. You can start off by starting afresh, taking a home drug test and clearing any documentation problems that you might possibly have. Being on probation does not mean that you should not be hired – all that you need to know is how to put your best foot forward in such scenarios.

Take a look at some of the best tips for finding a job while on probation for the least amount of frustration possible. 

Discuss Your Intentions With Your Probation Officer

Before you begin your search, have a talk with your probation officer to communicate your intentions. They will explain exactly what the rules involve employment. Depending on your probation officer and the crime you’ve been found guilty of, you may only be able to work in certain environments. They may also have other requirements that you should understand fully before getting a job since you could risk violating your probation.

It’s also a good idea if they have any leads or advice about the best places to look for employment while on probation status. If you get lucky and have a compassionate probation officer, they’ll have your best interests in mind. 

Get Help From The Government

There are several different government agencies that offer assistance to convicted criminals looking for employment. They may be able to provide you with a list of employers who are open to hiring people who have a criminal record.

As a “high-risk” employee, you need all of the help and information that you can get to secure a job. 

Only Look For Realistic Opportunities

When looking for a job, don’t bother wasting your time on unrealistic opportunities. If you’re applying for a job that is directly related to a crime that you committed, such as bank robbery, and you are applying as a bank teller, then you’re not likely to be trusted by your potential employer.

Only look for jobs that fit within your probation terms and won’t waste your time or the time of the company that is hiring. When in doubt, be straightforward and offer explanations!