3 Tips For Making Your Department A Stronger Team


Regardless of what industry you’re in or what kind of company you’re working for, having a strong and cohesive team will help make your department more productive and effective. However, having a strong team isn’t generally something that just happens over night. In order to make a group of unique individuals work toward a common goal and have a similar mindset, you’ve got to take actions that will help them develop into a true unit. To help make this possible for your group, here are three tips for making your department into a stronger team.

Avoid Competitions

Before you begin planning activities that will hopefully bring your team closer, there is one thing that you’ll want to avoid if you want your team to feel united. According to MindTools.com, choosing to do any team building activity that has its roots in competition can end up backfiring big time for your overall goal. When you choose to separate your team into groups or make one person a winner while others are losers, you’re not really helping to build the team together. So rather than dividing your team more through your attempt at team building, make sure you choose activities that aren’t competitions between your team members.

Create A Work Book Club

If you’re looking for a more long-term or hands-off way to encourage unity in your team, you may want to start something like a work book club. This could help you accomplish multiple goals with one single initiative. Susan M. Heathfield, a contributor to The Balance, writes that by choosing books that are related to your business or industry, you can enhance the knowledge of your team while encouraging team members to get better at communicating with each other. Additionally, by having a different member of the team be in charge of the discussion of the book each week or month, you as a manager or boss could see who has potential to move up in the company and where you should place more training emphasis.

Go On An Outing

While doing team building exercises at work can be helpful, you’re often able to break through to a whole other level when you take your employees on an outing outside of work. There are a lot of ways you can help your team bond and build trust between coworkers by taking advantage of things you can likely find within your own town. According to Lindsay Kolowich, a contributor to HubSpot.com, activities like volunteering, canoeing, escape rooms, and cooking classes could all be great ways to get your team members working together while still doing something inherently fun for many people. This could be an easier way to get your group on board with doing a team building exercise.

If you want your department to be more unified, use the tips mentioned above to help strengthen your team with team building exercises.

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