3 Tips for Staying Safe While In The Workplace

Regardless of where you find yourself working, there are always ways that you could get hurt, sick, or otherwise injured while on the job. And although you can usually file for disability or get help from your employer if you’re injured while at work, it’s much easier to just avoid getting hurt in the first place. So to help you stay both safe and healthy at any place you may be working, here are three tips for keeping yourself well while in the workplace.

Take Regular Breaks

While you might think that taking regular breaks is only something that people doing manual labor jobs should be required to do, almost all movement or positions should be taken a break from occasionally. According to Parinaz Samimi, a contributor to SafeWise.com, this includes your eyes. Especially for those who spend a lot of their day looking at a screen, it’s vital that you give your eyes a break at least every hour. So if you know that you’re not taking as many breaks as you should be, take every chance you can get to change your position or give your body, including your eyes, a rest when you can.

Keep Things Clean and Clear

A cluttered workplace is a dangerous workplace. The more obstacles you have to work around, the more likely you are to have those obstacles hurt you at one point or another. Knowing this, Safety and Health Magazine suggests that you do what you can to keep things clean and clear. This should include things like removing fire hazards, keeping dust under control, preventing objects from falling, and clearing things out of the way that could cause a slip, trip, or fall. By taking preventative action in these ways, you minimize the chances of running into problems while trying to move around your workspace on a daily basis.

Create An Emergency Plan

To help you react appropriately if and when an emergency does arise, it’s important that you have an action plan in place. Because there are any number of things that could happen while at work that could cause you to get hurt or be in an unsafe situation, Mark Sanborn, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, recommends that you have multiple plans that you’ve thought of. By having plans in place that you know and have practiced, you can be better prepared to stay safe if something does happen at work, like there’s a natural disaster or a violent person intent on hurting people within your workplace.

By using the tips mentioned above, you should be able to create a safer workplace not only for yourself, but for all those that you work with as well.

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