3 Ways Drugs Can Ruin Your Career

Drugs are a study in contradictions. Science suggests to us that they are bad for your body and your mind. Entertainment glorifies them as ways to a lifestyle of the rich and famous. On an individual level, people use or don’t use drugs for many different reasons. Altogether, that can be a complicated landscape to navigate if you’re trying to decipher what your own interpretation of drug use is going to be. 

Research has shown that some people are more likely to become addicted to drugs or alcohol than others which is unfortunate for those who get hooked on a substance. Tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and painkillers are the most common substances people get addicted to in the US with an ongoing opioid crisis hitting the news seemingly every week. Suboxone helps addicts recover from the effects of opioids and thanks to the internet, it is now easier than ever for addicts to find a provider in Kentucky but more needs to be done to help prevent people from becoming addicted to drugs in the first place.

The thing that you have to be careful of is that there are many different ways that drugs can ruin your career once you get into the realm of professionalism.

Consider several of the ways that drugs can intersect with your job. First of all, you can get in trouble within your career if you ever are caught with drugs and accused of a crime as it relates to possession. Secondly, if you use drugs and have uninhibited behavior around your coworkers, that can cause tension and issues. Thirdly, your job might conduct a 12 panel drug screen that could cause you to lose your job if it revealed drug use.

And lastly, if your family is ever involved with drug issues, you not only have to figure out how to support them emotionally, but you have to give them a pathway to become sober if their actions and activities become a financial or psychological strain on you.

In Trouble for Possession

If you are convicted of drug possession, that has the potential to ruin your career forever. Especially if you ever want to work with law enforcement, legal professions, or the health field, you need to make sure your record is squeaky clean when it comes to drug use, possession, sales, or any other related issue. Some people can still get back into those fields if they deal with drug addiction, but if there were ever any illegal activities where they got caught buying or selling as part of a sting operation, that can put the kibosh on that opportunity as well.

Uninhibited Behavior with Coworkers

Drug and alcohol use can create issues if the wrong coworkers intermingle in an uninhibited environment as well. For example, we’ve all heard the nightmare stories of office parties gone wrong. People get too drunk or too altered on certain substances, and lawsuits can follow. One wrong move at an office Christmas party can cost you your career. 

That scenario has been played out hundreds if not thousands of times, and drugs or alcohol are almost always to blame. A certain degree of inhibition is appropriate when dealing with coworkers; otherwise, the potential for severe consequences can arise.

Family Involvement with Drug Issues

Finally, it can be an end to your career if one of your family members gets involved with drug issues, and you have to escape your typical routines in order to help them. For example, you may need to do an intervention for a family member, and this can take a lot of your time and energy away from what should be required of you as a professional worker.