3 Ways to Up Your Game As A Realtor

If you’re a realtor or real estate agent, you likely have a passion for buying and selling homes and helping people either move in or out of their dream properties. And while you might have a real knack for this business and be a great people-person, if you don’t know how to run your business well, you could find yourself without many clients or leads. And without these things, you don’t really have much of a business in the first place. So to help ensure that you’re getting all the work that your heart desires, here are three ways you can start upping your game as a realtor and become more successful.

Find A Good Mentor

Especially if you’re just getting started in this business, one of your greatest assets could be finding a great mentor to work with and learn from. While this can get a little tricky as you don’t want to be stealing business away from someone who’s mentoring you, James Kimmons, a contributor to The Balance, recommends starting out your mentorship by asking if you can just assist an accomplished realtor with a few deals. Once you’re able to see how an experienced professional handles various types of situations, you’ll begin to feel more confident in your ability to become a better, more well-rounded realtor as well.

Embrace Technology

With improvements in technology, realtors who want to be successful have to fully embrace these changes if they want to stay current with what their clients will want and expect. But according to Deirdre Woollard, a contributor to Realtor.com, this has to go beyond simply having the technology available to you. You have to understand how to use it and use it effectively. This means returning emails and phone calls quickly, communicating via social media platforms, and never being without an Internet connection. If you really want to be someone’s go-to realtor, you have to be available whenever they want to go to you, and technology can help make that possible.

Hold More Open Houses

According to Teke Wiggin, a contributor to Inman.com, holding open houses is one of the best things a realtor can do to help grow their business. And, holding an open house costs very little marketing dollars on the part of you as the realtor. Not only will holding more open houses help you move more properties, but it will help you build your clientele as well as get you more familiarized with certain areas and the people in those areas. When you think of the benefits of holding open houses, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start having more of these events sooner.

If you’re interested in building your business as a realtor, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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