3 Ways to Improve Your Post-Graduation Job Prospects

When you start your life as a student, the excitement is all about a new course, new friends and even a new city to call home. But as you get closer to your graduation day, careers prospects, applications, placements and fine tuning your CV are likely to be more on your mind.

With competition for graduate roles at an all time high, enhancing your chances of landing your dream graduate role is really important. We caught up with Vita Student to get their take on a few ways you can improve your employment prospects.

  1. Extra Curricular Activities

At University, you’ll have access to hundreds of different sports teams, societies and organisations. And as well as being a great way to have fun and make new friends, you can also use these extra curricular opportunities to get some good news on your CV. Taking on an organisational role could expose you to new skills that will appeal to employers, for example.

When it comes to choosing your extra curricular activities, of course you’ll prioritise having fun and meeting people. But keep an eye on your CV and your mind on taking as many new skills out of the experience as you can.

2. Use Your University Careers Service

Universities have great careers services that offer help writing CVs, landing placements and making contacts. Make use of the service to land work experience during your studies, to get help creating stand out CVs and fine tuning your personal branding and interview skills.

3. Get Your Personal Online Brand in Check

Like it or not, if you have a single social media profile or have left a single comment online, you’ve got a digital footprint. And in the social media age, employers need only Google you to uncover this footprint.

So here’s what you should do about it:

  • Google yourself and know what comes up before you start applying for jobs
  • Don’t say anything online you wouldn’t want to see published on a billboard with your name attached to it
  • Keep photos respectable looking. While photos of your drunken nights out might well be a great talking point with your mates, you probably don’t want your prospective employer coming across them online
  • Create an online blog or portfolio that shows for your name. This could be a simple CV website or could even chart learnings from your course as a means of demonstrating your passion for the field you’re going into

Ultimately, take a little ownership over what prospective employers can find about you online.

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