4 Jobs That Will Be Needed Moving Into the Future

It’s not hard to regard the future with a bit of anxiety. Especially when it comes to careers, jobs that used to be very common a decade ago have completely vanished now, and there are new jobs popping up all over the place that never existed before.

What can you do about making sure that whatever career you desire and pursue is still going to be relevant even in the near future?

There will always be a need for nurses. Chemical engineers will have jobs in the future as technology evolves. Anyone who is good at programming computers is almost guaranteed to have a job.

And people who know how to navigate social platforms will be able to work for companies or brands quite easily as online social arenas progress alongside technology.


People will always get sick and require care. That’s why no matter what else happens in the future, there will always be a need for nurses and doctors.

If you want to approach this from a professional perspective, recognize that getting a nursing degree pretty much guarantees you a job in any imaginable future economy. Nurses make good money and can have very satisfying careers, so this is an excellent choice for people who might otherwise be worried about future employment.

Chemical Engineers

As technology and industry progress, one profession that keeps them all tied together is chemical engineering. If you want to become a chemical engineer, you’ll have to undergo a lot of education, but if you work for a company, it will often pay for that training because it directly benefits them.

Chemical engineers are going to be a significant piece of the backbone of the future since they work with oil, renewable resources, heavy industrial equipment inventions, and even genetic engineering. Chemical engineering is not a profession for the faint of heart or simple of mind, but there will definitely be room for you in the future.

Computer Programmers

There will be a dire and constant need for computer programmers as we move along the human timeline as well. Computer programmers have to understand how programming languages work, and how to translate that into real-world applications.

Sometimes these applications are going to involve operating systems. At other times they might focus on desktop applications that do work. More commonly these days, perhaps you might be programming apps that upload into and operate on mobile phones or other mobile devices.

Social Gurus

Outside of the realm of technology, the future is going to require lots of social gurus. These are going to be people who help companies, brands, and individuals navigate the social Internet landscape.

Especially for people who aren’t accustomed to having conversations in public or don’t understand how some of the platforms work, social gurus are going to have central importance. They’ll play a big role in future branding efforts, as well, which could make or break entire corporations.

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