4 Key Features Of Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software is a crucial software for field service companies. It can help automate repetitive tasks, schedule and dispatch tasks, increase production, and boost invoicing processes. This is why as a business that offers field service, you must invest in this software.

But  what are the features you should pay attention to when choosing field service management software? Keep on reading this article as we discuss the key features of field service management software that makes it more effective and efficient.

These features include:

Work order management

Work order management, which enables managers and supervisors to make the most of the resources at their disposal, is one of the key features of  field service management software. The tasks that are given to the executives can be managed, watched after, and automated. Supervisors can also keep track of the whereabouts of the field agents or technicians in real time and monitor their past travel patterns. Additionally, they receive real-time job status updates and keep track of SLA compliances. Improved communication between officers and managers back in the office is made possible via a field executive-specific app as well.

Scheduling and dispatch

You can quickly schedule deliveries with the aid of scheduling and dispatching features, and you can stay in touch with your fleet at all times while the delivery is being made. The majority of field service vendors have a mobile dispatch and scheduling capability, which is useful for monitoring whether technicians arrive on time for their tasks.

A scheduling feature can set tasks for you to accomplish, detect when you’ve finished them, and then automatically assign a new task depending on the location of your previous task and the nature of that task. This makes it simple for experts who want to accomplish a certain type of job to do so whenever they please. Although employees don’t necessarily have to accept  every assignment assigned to them, that flexibility is beneficial for their productivity in the long term.

Time tracking

It’s crucial that field service management software includes a time tracking capability in the crew app. It should be as easy as pressing the START button for the workforce to clock in to a job. All employees’ time on the task is tracked by the timer, which also records their GPS coordinates.

The office can see the whereabouts of technicians in real-time on a map thanks to time tracking and GPS location. There is a lot of accountability created when you know where your teams are and how long they have been there. Using automatic reporting and time tracking, you can rapidly determine the cost of a work.

Inventory management

When technicians leave for a repair or other maintenance task, they must take some parts, tools, equipment, and other items with them. Supervisors can effortlessly monitor and control inventories thanks to the field service management software. It keeps a real-time inventory record and logs every time a technician takes a spare part. Many systems can estimate demand by integrating analytics with their inventory software. Knowing which parts are utilized the most and when to repurchase is made easier by this.