4 Marketing Ideas That Lead to Better Recruitment

Every organization strives on effective recruitment for its smooth functioning. This process is inevitable to the success of the business. Therefore, companies invest a lot of time and capital in their human resource department to ensure productive recruitment. These departments use various methods to make sure that recruitment is done timely and effectively.  

Various marketing techniques facilitate the smooth process of recruitment. This article is aimed at providing you valuable insight on 4 marketing ideas that lead to better recruitment. Without much delay, let us quickly have a look at these brilliant 4 marketing ideas for better recruitment.

Social Media

In the 21st century, social media is not just used for social purposes but also a very effective medium to promote your brands and businesses. The process of recruitment can benefit from social media in many ways. You can promote your brand on social media as it creates a positive reputation for your company.

Providing regular updates about your company, job openings, policies and practices, social-responsibility activities, etc. are few of the ways by which an organization can build an affirmative social reputation. Moreover, candidates always check the social media page of the companies before they come for the interview. Therefore, a positive online presence attracts candidates and make them more willing to work for you.


Starting a podcast can prove to be very useful for better recruitment. You can start a podcast and talk about your industry. If you are an expert in your field you can spend regular time on the podcast to create and reach a wider audience.

It is considered to be a clever way of getting free publicity. Moreover, it helps to create positive brand awareness. To see if this is something that would benefit for your company, you could start a internal podcast and see if it’s engaging for current employees. It may also be a great incentive for employees if they were to have their own segment or come on as a guest.


Although tradition means of PR are still in practice, social media PR activities help you to reach a wider demographic audience. Your companies reach spreads to wider candidates when you use social media to your advantage. Modern and traditional PR makes your brand more prominent and develops confidence amongst the prospective candidates.

Various PR activities like dropping an interesting concept or statistic would attract more personnel and make them very eager to work with you. It does not matter whether you use traditional means or modern means to communicate with the potential workforce. Effective PR can be very resourceful in getting the right candidate for your organization. An example of a great campaign was Silver Swan recruitment who specialise in luxury and private household staff recruitment who ran a campaign to attract people to a £20,000 job looking after two dogs in London. The story was picked up as far as Fox News and all it took was clever placement to the right journalist.

Recruitment Specialists

This is one of the most common and highly effective media for recruiting the right personnel. Instead of putting the entire efforts yourself, you can make use of a specialist for their services for better recruitment. They have updated job-specific mailing list that can be very useful in reaching the right candidates.

Using the services of a recruitment specialist proves to be time-saving and cost-effective in the long run. Most of the work of reaching candidates and shortlisting them is take care-off by these experts.

Using a specialist human resources recruiter to market your job vacancies to their mailing list can be more effective than trying to find the audience yourself.