4 Techniques for Landing Content Writing Jobs

When you work for a creative firm as a staff writer, you’re given assignments consistently, and don’t have to worry about prospecting clients. As a freelance writer however, it’s important that you continually prospect to have enough work for the month to survive. If you’re hungry for more paid gigs, then here are 4 techniques for landing content writing jobs.

Create a website to highlight your writing talent

Creating a website isn’t difficult. All it requires is a little time and a good content management system. If you know a little HTML and CSS, or you have a friend who does, your best bet will be to use WordPress or something similar. You’ll have the ability to make a custom site that displays your work and expresses your unique personality. If you’re not so tech-savvy, use a website builder like Squarespace, where you can easily change colors and information on your site.

Invest in your freelance business by selecting a niche

People that specialize earn more for their writing. Study a form of writing or editing and master it. Learn information about your niche, create sample articles, and discover the publications that are key to your industry. By specializing, more people will consider you for jobs that writers who only create general content cannot receive. If you have difficulty selecting a type of content to focus on, start by taking inventory of your interests. If you enjoy a specific topic and wouldn’t mind creating content on that subject, then you’ve found your niche.

Network with other professionals

Networking is incredible for landing new writing jobs. The most important thing is that you know who specifically to network with. Meet with other writers and people who have jobs in print and digital marketing to use your network to land gigs. Your local Craigslist is a great way to find networking opportunities. Attend a few in your area, meet some interesting people, and communicate with them frequently to open new doors for your writing career. This process takes time and consistency, but it will pay off well. If you work at co-working center like Common Desk, you might even find work because of networking connections from your office rental.

Meet with business owners in person

Meeting face-to-face with people who need your services is a great way to land writing gigs. It doesn’t cost much to access a virtual office for a few hours to meet local business owners in person. You can also meet at a coffeeshop or even online through a video conferencing application to discuss their content needs. How you meet with clients is up to you, but make sure that you get in front of people who are interested in using your writing services to land more gigs.

Winning more content writing jobs isn’t challenging if you understand the process to finding more work. Use these 4 techniques to win more content writing jobs. Each technique requires work, however implementing just one strategy will impact your business significantly. Do you have any tips for landing more content writing gigs? Share your ideas in the comment section below.