4 Tips For Nailing A Job Interview

Once you find a business that you are interested in that is hiring new employees you will want to make sure that you snag that job.  The most important aspect to getting a job is the impression that you make when you go to the interview.  A skilled interviewer can make an assessment of you within the first 30 seconds so you will have to go in with your A game ready to impress.

You can think of an interview like an audition for a role in a movie.  It is perfectly ok to go in playing a role.  Go in with your shoulders rolled back and act like you’ve already got the job.  75% of success is being able to convince people that you are the right person for the job.  Here are the best ways to go in and nail your job interview.

Dress The Part

First impressions are everything.  You will want to make sure that you are well-groomed and looking professional and sharp on the day of your interview.  If you don’t have money for interview clothes, you will want to borrow some.  Investing your money in one nice interview outfit is something that will have unlimited value in the long run.

Make sure that it is appropriate for where you are interviewing.  Obviously you will not wear a three piece suit to interview for a barista position, however this may be appropriate when interviewing with a highly respected law firm.  Use your best judgment and execute accordingly.

Research The Company

It looks great to a hiring manager if you go in with knowledge of the company.  Make sure that you spend some time online looking into their company facts, how many employees they have, what their revenue is like, and where their locations are.  

Employers love it when potential employees ask questions so if you go in and wow them with questions directly relating to things about the company this will give you an extra advantage that you did your homework.

Smile and Act Confident

The power of a confident smile will get you everywhere in life.  It puts people at ease and makes them feel like they can put their job into your trusting hands with a confident attitude.

Shoulders back, smile big, and you will win every time.

Show Enthusiasm

Going into a job interview with sincere enthusiasm about the job you are seeking to fill is appealing to a job interviewer.  They aren’t only looking for someone qualified but someone that will enthusiastically execute rather than complain or be difficult to work with.  

You would be surprised to find that some employers would opt for a less qualified employee with great enthusiasm than a highly qualified employee with a bad attitude.

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