4 Ways To Derail Professional Success and Development

You’ll probably hear a lot during your lifetime about the means to increase your chances of professional success and development. However, just as important, you should avoid all of the ways that you can derail your professional goals. Doing well is important. Not screwing up is vital as well.

A few particular ways to mess up your ability to continue moving up your company letter would include causing some accident, plagiarizing or cheating somehow, putting out harmful social media posts, or getting too confident without being able to back up your words and actions. Avoid those bad behaviors, and you’ll be much more likely to hit your desired endpoint.

Cause an Accident

If you cause a car accident, it can potentially affect your career. If you are at fault, especially with something like drinking and driving were distracted driving, and your employer may not leave you in the future that you are responsible enough to take on more leadership and management roles within your company. Not only will you have to deal with the personal consequences of causing damage and injury, but it can also have professional ramifications as well.

Plagiarize or Cheat

No matter how badly you want to, if you choose to plagiarize or cheat somehow on any part of a company project, will have immediate consequences. Employers have access to plagiarism tools that will quickly tell them you have stolen any intellectual material from online. With a little bit of research, they may even be able to say whether you plagiarized something from a text in a book that is not posted online. It’s never worth it to try and cheat the system, so if you want to create a pathway to career development, don’t even think of copying someone’s work as a possibility.

Put Out Harmful Social Media Posts

Another thing that can end your career quickly is if you put out harmful social media posts. Topics like politics and religion are hot buttons for people, and many careers are destroyed by flippant comments or shares that people are putting on social media. It’s better not even to have an account if you think that you are going to put things up there that the wrong people will find in bad taste.

Get Too Confident

There’s something to be said for competence and confidence at your job. However, if you choose to get cocky without being able to stabilize your attitude, and that put you on the fast track to getting less responsibility at your company. People will dislike you and miss trust you if you act as though you have a chip on your shoulder. You can see examples of it in workplaces all over, so don’t fall into that trap.


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