4 Ways To Wow Your Employers

When it comes to being able to shine at work, it’s all about knowing how to impress your boss. While you may think that doing a good job at work is simply about doing a good job, sometimes that’s not enough to stand out from the team.

In order to wow your employers and increase your potential for growth in the company, you should try the following things.

Offer Your Ideas

Rather than being complacent or going with whatever you’re told, it’s impressive to be the type of employee who tries to make a change.  This reads to your employer that you’re invested in the entire company not just your own role and you’d like to be able to contribute to its growth.

Coming up with ideas isn’t where you should stop, either.  Take it one step further by offering your idea and also a plan on how to execute it.  This shows your employer that not only can you talk the talk, but you’re 100% ready to walk the walk as well.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is something that many people shy away from in a work environment.  They’ve been taught that being obedient with no questions asked is what an employer wants, however, most employers love to be asked questions.

Asking for clarification and seeking a deeper understanding of what’s expected of you shows your employers that you’re curious, hard-working, and eager to understand.

Show Initiative

There may be moments when you haven’t been given direction or you’ve finished your task early and aren’t sure what to do with your time.  Many employees first reaction is to find their boss and ask what they should be doing.

However, this shows your boss that you aren’t a self-starter who can use logic and prioritize to figure out what should be done next.  Chances are if you use your extra time to accomplish something that’s been needing to get done without having to be told, you’ll win major extra points with your superiors.  This may especially work in your favor later down the road if you’re interested in pursuing a management position. You’ll have already shown that you have leadership skills by showing initiative on projects.

Be Humble

It’s appealing to an employer to hire people who are willing to admit their mistakes and where they have room to grow.

This shows that you are coachable and willing to take feedback in order to produce better results.

While some employees may take criticism to heart, the ones that stand out most are the ones who don’t take it personally, but rather take it as an opportunity to grow and learn by trial and error.

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