5 Factors That Can Affect The Advancement Of Your Career

There are a variety of factors which play a significant role in your career and how far you advance. While there are some things that you can’t control, there are many that you can. If you hope to make it as far as possible, it’s essential to give your all to the areas which you do have control over.

You’ll need to have a plan in action in order to make the advancements that it takes to achieve your goals. Without a plan, you’ll get lost on the way. While specific goals may vary from person to person, ultimately, success means the same thing to most people: making it as far as they strive to go. 

Here are some of the most critical factors that will determine your path to achieving your career goals.

Physical Presentation

Like it or not, in the corporate world, the way you present yourself physically will play a significant role in how people perceive you. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone has to get plastic surgery done to become a CEO; however, it does require some attention to physical details.

Usually, it’s not considered acceptable to show up in a professional environment with disheveled hair or dirty clothes. In a corporate atmosphere, you will usually be expected to dress a certain way and carry yourself with professionalism.

Some businesses are more casual than others. However, depending on your career, you may even be expected to wear a suit and tie every day.

Keep in mind that besides the general grooming, you are not expected anything much — you are not necessarily needed to look like a model in your workspace. So, you need not go under the knife if you do not want to. Some people, however, may want to opt for acne treatment, dental implants Newport or elsewhere, or laser hair removal to feel more confident with their appearance. These are optional and should ideally be opted for by you if you want to feel better in your skin.


The amount of education that you have in your field will be a big influence on whether you get a certain promotion over someone else. It’s helpful to have as many courses and training programs under your belt as possible when you’re up against the competition. 


Most jobs will involve quarterly or yearly performance reviews. When being considered for more responsibility, your evaluations will be looked at. You’ll be compared to your peers and whether you’re considered worthy of progress in your career.


Unfortunately, you can be the best in the world at whatever your skill is, however, if you’re difficult to work with, it won’t matter.

Being a positive person who is easy to work with is a crucial part of advancing in the workplace. Any sort of negative attitudes or quirks will overshadow your talent. 

Willingness to Take Feedback

Throughout your career, people will test your self-confidence. However, it’s vital that you’re capable of accepting feedback from your superiors, even if it’s not always easy to hear.

When you can accept feedback, use it for self-improvement, then you’ve won half the battle already. Willingness to accept your faults and change is a fantastic quality that employers love.