5 Great Paying Careers And Professions In The U.S.

We all want to maximize our income, and specializing in a profession that has a high average annual salary will get you on your way to a stacked bank account.  Choosing a path to travel in your education is a pivotal moment in your life, and you want to make sure it’s the right choice.  

The best thing you can do for your mind is to fill it with options.  Check out a brief overview of a few of the best paying careers and professions in the United States, and get started on your path to success today.  

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum Engineers use their careers to develop and design various ways in which operations can extract oil and gas from below the Earth’s surface.  You’ll make an average annual salary of around $156,000, and work to fine-tune the methods used to drill and maintain oil rigs/wells.  

The growth in this field of operation is expected to climb at least 15 percent by the year 2026.  Learn about oilfield and rig technology of today, and you’ll set yourself up for financial success.  


You are probably already aware of the fact that Anesthesiologists make good money.  You’ll spend a few years in college to get the education necessary for the position, but the payout is grand.  The average annual income of an Anesthesiologist is around $267,000, and it is to be expected after all the hard work that is required to earn the title. 


The title of Physician includes a large spectrum of work in the medical field.  Physicians make an average annual income of around $203,000, and the job availability is expected to rise at least 13 percent by the year 2026.  

Marketing Managers 

Marketing Managers have a wide array of options in their field as well.  The top industries for working as a marketing manager are scientific research, cable programming, oil and gas extraction, and motion picture/video.  

Choosing the path of marketing manager will bring in an average $147,000 every year.  The pay, however, varies distinctively based on the industry in which you operate.  


If you think you could have a special interest in practicing law, then you could make some pretty great money.  The average annual income for attorneys in the United States is typically around $120,000 and is expected to increase in the coming years.  

Financial Managers 

If you can manage to be a financial manager, your money management skills will bring you success.  It’s a mouthful, but it’s true. Financial managers make an average annual salary of $146,000, and the field is projected to experience a 19 percent growth by 2026.