5 Jobs the Average Joe Hasn’t Considered

The job market has been fierce and seems to get harder to navigate every year. With the economy experiencing its normal ups and downs, technology continuing to evolve at what seems like the speed of light, and the constant need to upgrade our skills just to keep up with it all, finding and keeping a good job can be the biggest job of all. It behooves one to look in less known, or at least less thought of places, for a steady stream of income.

Forest and Conservation Workers

Did you like to play in the woods when you were a kid? Forest and conservation workers do it for a living. These men and women work to maintain our forests, wetlands, ranges, and conservations. It is a manual labor job consisting of transporting seedlings, working to control pests and harmful plant life, and building structures, such as dams, control flooding, erosion, and leaching of soil. It pays roughly $25,000 a year.


Many people enjoy recreational fishing on, at least a weekly basis. How would you like to make $33,000 a year just fishing?! Granted, we aren’t talking about taking your favorite fishing pole and tackle box for a relaxing day on the river, but fishing nonetheless. In this career, you may still get to use your fishing rod, but the rest of your tools would be upsized to nets, traps, and any others that you would need. Of course, that would depend on what you were fishing for.

Grout Cleaner

Many families are often on the go these days which leaves them with less and less time to pay attention to the details at home. One of those details would be the grout surrounding the tiles in their kitchen and bathrooms. This is not a job that has to be done every day or even every week, but there are a lot of homes is need of this kind of service. This can pay upwards of $40,000 a year.

Loading Machine Operators in Mining Operations

Mining has not traditionally been the average Joe’s dream job, but mines are still very much a necessity and so are workers needed to dig them out. A loading machine operator loads oar, coal, or rocks onto mine cars or conveyors. Sounds simple enough right? This simple job pays over $53,000 a year. Might be worth a look.


If you have a little more schooling, consider being an economist. At $125,000 a year, this job could be the break you are waiting on. Have you ever looked at the way the government handles its finances and just knew you could come up with a better plan? Here’s your chance. Economists spend their days in research, mostly. Hunting for better ways to finance and address the economic difficulties related to the production and distribution of a product. They also use that information to create reports that will assist others involved in making financial decisions.

It’s easy to get lost in the ocean we call the job market. If you are having more than your share of trouble finding a job, take a chance and branch out to careers you may not have considered before. At the very least, you will have a new adventure to tell your kids and grand kids about some day.

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