5 Rising Careers That You Didn’t Know About – Are You A Fit?

About to enter the workforce? Trying to make up your mind about which career to go for? Want to know which careers are rising high and which are not? Here are 5 industries that you may want to consider if you want a steady, stable job in the coming years.

  1. Salesperson.

According to Forbes, there will be a 16.6 percent increase in jobs within this sector from 2010 to 2020. Why will this job continue to thrive? No matter how digital the world gets, companies will need salespeople to close deals on their goods. This is not a job that can be automated or outsourced, and therefore it is as stable as the numbers you produce.Vector Marketing offers work for students and provides a unique way to get started in a sales career.

A sales job is perfect if…

You are a people person. You know how to be convincing. You can talk to anyone about anything.

  1. Registered Nurse.

Also called nurse practitioners. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 35 percent growth during 2014 to 2024. Those in this industry average $98,000 a year. Nurses coordinate patient care and some provide a range of specialty care. This scope varies depending on the state. Requirements include a master’s degree in advanced practice registered nurse roles.

A registered nurse job is perfect if…

You want a job that allows you to provide caregiving services.

  1. Home Health Aides.

This industry is expected to experience a 38 percent growth. Home health aides help those with disabilities take care of daily living activities. While they are not allowed to administer medical aid, they may be allowed to give medication or check for vital signs under supervision. As the population ages, the demand for these services will only continue to rise. This job requires no advanced education.

A home health aide job is perfect if…

You are looking for a job that requires only a high school education.

  1. Statisticians.

Expected to grow 34 percent between 2014 to 2024. Statisticians are high in demand in private and governmental sectors. They are recruited for their ability to collect and analyze numbers to solve industry problems. The average yearly pay for statisticians is $80,000. To get a job as a statistician often requires at least a master’s degree in mathematics, statistics, or another similar field. A bachelor’s degree may be enough for some entry-level jobs.

A statistician job is perfect if…

You have a master’s degree in mathematics or statistics and you love using numbers to solve problems.

  1. Interpreters and translators.

This industry is expected to grow 29 percent between 2014 and 2024. Today’s world is advancing toward increasing globalization in business and in sports. Companies are responding by increasing their borders and expanding into countries outside of the US. In order to reach countries that are not fluent in English, translators and interpreters are needed to make this growth possible. A yearly average pay for a translator or interpreter is $44,000.

An interpreting or translating job is perfect if…

You can speak a second or third language with a degree of fluency.

Interested in finding out what the fastest declining jobs are? Locomotive firers top the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list. That job is down by 69 percent. Telephone operators are down by 42 percent. And postal and service mail sorters are down by 33 percent. Other jobs on the decline and that you may wish to avoid include photographic process workers and shoe machine operators.

Keeping an eye on the future as you make your career choice is a smart move that will pay off years down the line in terms of job stability. So be sure to do your research before making a move that will affect a good portion of your life.

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