5 Simple Ways to Increase your Customer Base

There is much talk on the internet of how businesses can generate leads, increase profitability and generate sales. But the basis for any growth lies in increasing the customer base, and doing so is not difficult. Here are five ways in which any business should be able to increase its customer base:

Free Newsletter
Often, newsletters come at a cost by pushing unwanted advertising material at subscribers, either in the newsletter itself or through email addresses that have been exchanged for the subscription. Providing a newsletter that gives customers who have already expressed interest in a product or service with up to date information on that subject, free of unwanted advertising, is a way of keeping customers up to date and maintaining their interest.

In addition, you can let the customer personalize the newsletter based on their interest. You can send a google form with the email and generate multiple lists. Now all you have to do is take the assistance of email marketing software/service to send a custom-made newsletter to the subscribers. Many websites, such as simplelists.com can provide you with in-depth information and tools for newsletter marketing.

Business Exposition
Business expositions are a great way of making new links and forming business relationships, as well as generating new interest and updating existing customers. Expos are also a great way of networking.

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Customer Service
One of the most essential additions to any business is its customer service. Regardless of whether it is their first contact or their hundredth, customers will make important decisions about their current or future involvement based on their experiences with customer service. Just a few short minutes can dictate whether or not a customer takes a positive or negative view of the business or service they are contacting. Research has demonstrated that as many as 78% of customers have abandoned a potential sale because they have experienced poor customer service. Providing good customer service at every point of interaction with customers will yield valuable future profits in terms of not just sales, but customer opinion. Positive experiences are often passed on from customers to potential customers and can generate leads and future sales. There are digital tools such as software that allow a business to keep track of interactions between customers and customer service, adding to feedback and performance tracking.

Website and Digital Marketing
Maintaining a user-friendly and up-to-date website is one of the most powerful ways of making an online impression and increasing the customer base. It is the reason why a lot of successful businesses hire digital marketing agencies like WebEnertia (https://www.webenertia.com/) to get the right results. Content should be appropriate, informative, and uncluttered, with as little distraction as possible to ensure the visitor has a positive experience and gets the maximum amount of information about products and services. It goes without saying that the site should be easy to navigate and should work without issues. A good website is one of the tools of digital marketing, but there are others. Statistics demonstrate that many potential customers leave a site without making a purchase. Digital re-marketing, or re-targeting as it is also known, presents those potential customers with information about the product or service they have viewed without buying, increasing their familiarity with it and generating interest in buying. It goes without saying that the world of social media is here to stay and it is a powerful medium through which information about products and services can be spread, and with the ability to buy Instagram likes this can be quickly made into a very powerful tool.

Identify the Right Market
It may sound obvious, but investing time, money and effort into trying to sell something to someone who doesn’t want it is a waste of resources. If what is being sold is not what a potential customer wants, then no matter how much advertising and marketing is applied, it won’t sell. A sure way to generate and increase a customer base is to target the right market. Understanding what potential customers want and providing it is still the best way to sell. This involves market research, nursing relationships with existing customers to identify future need, and remaining adaptable in order to make changes when necessary.