5 Top Tips to Prepare You for Your Skype Interview

So, you get that job interview but find out that it is to be carried out on Skype… panic! Do not worry, with these simple interview tips; you will pass the interview with flying colours and soon be on your next career path.

  1. Where are you setting up your camera?

You may be carrying out this interview at home, so this will give the interviewer an insight into where you live. Choose where you set up your camera laptop or webcam carefully. The wall behind you needs to be clean and free from anything that could send the wrong message like a ripped poster or even cobwebs hanging from your bookshelf. If there is a chance that you may be interrupted by a pet, child or even a neighbour, make some arrangements to minimise the risk of being interrupted.

  1. What are you going to wear?

Now, this may seem an obvious one, but you may be tempted to interview while still in your pyjama bottoms – after all, they can only see you from the waist up right? There is a chance that you may need to get up from your seat to retrieve something and this can give the interviewer a look at your snazzy pyjama bottoms that you got for Christmas. The best thing to do is to maintain a formal outfit from top to bottom. This way you can ensure that you are not going to get caught out being half dressed and it will also help to give you the confidence that you may need to impress the person on the screen. Maintaining professionalism at all times will come across in the interview and increase your chances of impressing.

  1. Have a Plan B

If there is a chance that you will not be able to ensure a good connection, you need to be able to find one. Make sure that if you haven’t already, that you download Skype well in advance and give it a test run with a friend. Using earphones with a microphone attachment will help to prevent any interference should you be in a place where this is a possibility. Don’t forget to always be honest, if you cannot hear the interviewer you need to tell them, trying to lip read will not win them over – you may think you possess that skill, but it’s better not to put it to the test during the interview. If Skype, is not a viable option for you then you will need to contact the interviewer beforehand to ensure they can make alternative arrangements.

  1. During the interview

Though you may not be in the same room as the interviewer, you will still be able to read their body language as well as them reading yours. Try to keep your body open, and don’t cross your arms over your chest or rest your chin in your hand, as this can come across as defensive or even disinterested. Maintain eye contact so that you can engage the interviewer and show a keen interest.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Asking a question shows the interviewer that you are engaged with them and are interested in their company. Ask something that allows them to show the company in its best light or even something that reflects your skills, showing them what an asset you can be to their company.

This article was written by Rory Gibson, Managing Director of Gibson Hollyhomes a recruitment agency based in Manchester and Leeds.

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