6 Great Careers for Introverts Who Want to Avoid a Desk Job

Are you looking for a career away from the desk that still gives you time to yourself?

If you’re an introvert, you probably find comfort in solitude and thrive when given time to yourself.

You may not necessarily dislike social interactions, but you prefer working on your own and find you have more energy when you have time alone to recharge.

While the workplace often caters to extroverts, introverts are becoming increasingly recognised for what they can bring to the table. They can be thoughtful, independent and are not as easily distracted as their extroverted colleagues.

Working alone in a cubicle might be fine for some introverts, but there are also plenty of other careers that don’t involve sitting at a desk all day. Here are some to consider if you’re more introverted in nature:

Interior Designer

Interior designers typically work with just a handful of clients at a time and spend countless hours shopping for furniture, testing out paint samples, and tracking down the perfect lamp, rug, or vase.

You’ll likely be spending most of your time creating design concepts and using your creativity to come up with fresh ideas for clients. This isn’t a completely solo gig however, you’ll be working with other teams and frequently communicating with your clients .

But losing yourself in a design project will give you a chance to reboot your energy so that you can dazzle each and every client.

Chef, Pastry Chef, Professional Baker or Line Cook

What better way could there be to avoid the 9-5 office grind, while fully expressing yourself creatively? With your unique set of skills you could turn every dish into a well-crafted masterpiece.

Sure, chefs spend a decent amount of time interacting with kitchen and wait staff, and occasionally make an appearance at the request of a delighted diner, but they also spend hours cooking up new menu options, prepping ingredients or perfecting dishes. This line of work can be intense, but should also allow enough time for an introvert to recharge on their own.

Not up for the chaos of a fast-paced restaurant? Consider a small bistro or a job as a personal chef where you can have longer periods of solitude.

Arborist, Horticulturist or Gardener

There’s no need to make idle small talk when you’re tending to the needs of a beautiful old tree or budding garden. This field also offers a surprisingly diverse variety of opportunities – from landscape architecture to grounds manager or tree surgeon (possibly the most awesome job title ever).

Animal Care Specialist, Vet, Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

If you’re a natural-born animal lover then working with them might be your ideal career. You’ll be spending more time with animals than humans, so if that’s what you prefer then this is a perfect career choice for you!

Caring for animals is not only incredibly rewarding, but most jobs at animal shelters, zoos, or veterinary offices call for little social interaction.

Scientist or Researcher

The aim of this blog post was to avoid office jobs, however, tinkering around in a lab might make you feel less confined to a desk. Getting behind the latest scientific break-through, or preparing histology samples for a hospital’s pathophysiology unit might really be up your alley.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not all scientific work is conducted inside a lab. There are many science-y careers that allow you to travel and be outdoors.


Mechanics are highly sort after and better yet, every electrical and automotive company needs one! For more technical, hands-on people, this could be a great option. Today’s vehicles are more advanced than ever and as a result, cars are even more exciting to work on. And they’re only getting more and more interesting each year.

Since our career choices make up a huge part of our lives, it’s important to choose a career that is most suited to your personality. A desk job isn’t for everyone, after all. Do any of these careers inspire you?

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