6 Tools to Optimize Your HR Career

HR is an important sector in each business, but it isn’t enough to have a HR department. It also needs to be well funded, well trained, and invested in if it is to help your employees and company culture. Without investment and the right tools, your HR department will flounder – but so will your career.

Keep on top of your career by keeping on top of the latest tools that are being released. Your job may be to help others, but you need to help yourself too.

1.   Trello

One of the best organization tools out there, Trello allows you to track your ideas effortlessly. You can add notes and highlight crucial elements, but you can also track your progress and mark it as “In progress,” “To be reviewed,” or “Done.”

2. beSlick

Easy-to-learn and great for collaborating with co-workers, with beSlick you can track and work on any type of project imaginable. Through this tool, you can add files to task boards and upload comments. You can also organize projects into manageable lists and assign tasks to different team members. In addition, you can stay on top of progress with real-time updates and notifications.

3.   XCD

Through this payroll and HR solution, you can keep your data all in one place. You have a self-service portal so employees can help speed up processes and manage their records anywhere, at any time. Save time with real time reporting and better accuracy; for more information, head to peoplexcd.com.

4.   LinkedIn

You want to be viewed as a thought leader in your industry, and the best way to do that is by creating interesting and well-researched content that is then uploaded to your LinkedIn profile. By doing this, you improve your reputation in your field as well as spread the word on what is new in the world of HR.

To become a trusted thought leader, however, you need to know how to communicate well through your selected content type. For most, your thoughts will be discussed in an article/blog. Be sure to learn how to write content that will resonate with your target audience.

5.   Mighty Networks

Everyone looking to optimize their career will want to join or create a community of like-minded individuals. Mighty Networks makes it easy for you to do just that, allowing you to post events and publish your content. This app can be used on multiple devices, allowing better and easier communication. If you want, you can even charge people to join your community.

6.   RescueTime

Know where you’re spending most of your time with RescueTime, so you can become more productive and operate tasks more effectively. We’re all guilty of being distracted by cat videos online, but with RescueTime, you have the option to block you from certain sites (like Twitter and Facebook).

For the ambitious, we want our careers to skyrocket. But it’s not always a simple and easy task. The above tools allow you to remain focused and organized throughout your HR duties; such investment will optimize your HR career exponentially.

7. GroupApp

GroupApp is a community platform for creating a membership community, improving customer engagement. This tool will help you manage community conversations and collaborate with team members through a shared support inbox.