A starter guide to becoming a successful copywriter

Good copywriting is not the same as good writing. Granted that writing talent is vital, it is not enough to make you a great copywriter. To do this, you must hone your skills and master them. Then you can capture your reader’s attention and retain it. To help you enhance your copywriting, here are some tips.

Copywriting tips

As a copywriter, you have the following purposes. First, you either solve a problem or educate your readers on your subject matter. You are the expert, so give advice, make suggestions, and answer their questions. Second, you are not a robot, so show your human side and tell your story. Even if your subject is something technical and your instincts tell you to stick to just facts. As per consultants from the likes of Horizon Peak Consulting (https://horizonpeakconsulting.com/) or similar companies, enterprise technology copywriting isn’t about the technology, it’s about talking human to human. That would make you relatable, which helps build trust and relationships. Lastly, your copy should be as entertaining as it is knowledgeable. Sometimes people are just bored, so entertain them, and they will keep coming back or think of you whenever they need a product or service similar to yours.

  1. Don’t use big vocabulary words or long sentences

According to Maryville University, you must have an excellent command of language to be a good copywriter. Getting an education can help you achieve this. You will learn how to write, structure your sentences, and use other literary tools to make your writing engaging. With this knowledge, you can get your message through and still keep it as simple as possible. Your vocabulary should be at the 7 to 8th-grade level as most people can understand it. Also, avoid using a lot of industry jargon if you can and keep those sentences short. Long sentences can get confusing, and if they are loaded with jargon, readers will leave your page.

  1. Incorporate media

Long blocks of text can get boring, so break up the words using various media forms such as photographs, videos, or infographics. For instance, you can use images to showcase your product uniquely. How-to videos can be a big plus if your product or service lends itself to them. With infographics, keep it simple because overstuffed infographics are hard to read and understand. Remember, copywriting is not about writing alone. Creating videos, infographics, newsletters, and news releases is part of your work. All these are vital top-of-the-funnel marketing channels you can use to reach your audience, so have an idea of how to create and use them.

  1. Tell the reader what to do

A copy must have a call to action. That is, what do you want the reader to do? Is it to sign up, use a discount, free trial, or a coupon? Or is it to download, purchase, or watch something? People want to be led but nicely, so display your call to action prominently in your writing, but don’t be too pushy.

Copywriting takes a lot of effort and hard work to master, but with these tips, you can do it. Remember, you are a storyteller, so tell your audience your story, answer their questions, and show them how your products and service will meet their need.