An Apartment Shopping Guide for Young Professionals

Are you a young professional ready to purchase your very first property? The idea of a permanent investment is daunting for people within the age group of 25 to 35. However, having a title in your name would feel pretty good when you invite peers over. You can buy a house or an apartment depending on your budget and requirements. Additionally, you can take assistance from a realtor or use online aids like a Free Apartment Locator Service that caters to your locality.

You can always choose between a brand new property, or an old (at a cheaper price!) apartment – with minor renovations, of course! If you choose the latter, all you might probably need to look at would be the cleaning aspect of things (with the help of Nashville house cleaning services and the likes) and the small fixes that could require your attention. But if you decide to invest in a new property, you get to make everything your own, with your personal touch!

Furthermore, with these six things we have outlined for you, you are sure to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and function without going over the budget in designing your first apartment.

Opt for timeless items rather than ephemeral trends

Flashy pink curtains may be all the rage now, but tastes change and they will look hideous within a year. When in doubt, choose subtle and classic colors and designs for both furniture and furnishings. Remember the timeless iconic mid-century furniture designed by the Eames? Their minimalist style and ergonomic function have made into so many homes of young professional millennials.

Don’t overspend on breakable items
It’s typical to have some sophisticated crockery for special occasions, which are wrapped in newspaper or displayed in a cabinet out of children’s reach in most times of the year. However, spending a lot of money on fancy plates, tumblers, cups and wine glasses is a big no-no. Limit breakable items in your apartment, especially if you have children, since they will likely break those precious china. Only invest in things that would put value in your property for a long time.

Invest in things that matter

We don’t need to spell this out for you. Anyone who has been looking for real estate in the Philippines will know that investing more in a high quality apartment is better than paying less for a place that is rife with problems. You probably have browsed the highest ranking properties in Metro Manila to help you make the final decision. The same goes for key items within the apartment such as couches, ovens and blenders. Investing more money in a blender that will last a decade is way better than buying a cheap blender and having to spend much more in the long run replacing it every year.

Become an Ebay/Freecycle junkie

It’s true that you can find amazing deals on buy and sell sites in just a few clicks. When people move around, they often put excellent quality tables, chairs and other household furniture up for sale at a very low price because they are just keen to get all of that stuff off their hands. Just make sure that you are not sacrificing quality for affordability.

Be wise about what you foreground
Buying an apartment is a commitment, and this place is likely to be your home for some years. So, try not to foreground too much stuff that might age with time. That crazy photo you took with your friends last year might make you laugh now, but is it really a good idea to blow it up 10x and have it printed straight onto the wall of your living room?

If sharing, don’t split the cost of key items

Going half and half with a roommate on a TV might seem like a great idea today, but if the time ever comes that you two part ways, dividing your stuff will surely be a pain in the neck and cause arguments that will likely end your friendship.