Are You Making Any of These 5 Career Mistakes? Here’s How to Avoid Them

“Mistakes are good if you can learn from them,” says career coach Kim Carbia.But when a mistake becomes a habit, it becomes a problem.”Tons of people make serious mistakes every day, but the problem is that they repeat the same mistakes.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in your job. What matters is whether or not you have been able to keep your perspective, vision, and strategy. Interestingly, many people do not do that once they land jobs. Are you among that list? Well, below are the 5 career mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.

1) Concentrating on Your Job and Losing Focus on Your Career

As a matter of fact, your new job should be your bridge to your personal legend. If for instance, you desired to be a lawyer but missed the opportunity because you lacked school fees, you can go back and pursue it once you have saved some money. Also, there are tons career sites, for example that can help you create resumes.

2) Failing to Negotiate Your Salaries and Benefits

“One-fifth of workers surveyed by said they never negotiate their salaries. But you risk leaving a ton of money on the table if you don’t negotiate, especially when you factor in compound interest.”

When you go for an interview and pass it, the next thing is to get employed. Several employees think that  landing the job was just an offer and therefore, they don’t negotiate their salaries. That’s wrong. You should feel free to negotiate your salary and benefits. After all, it’s your qualifications that landed you the job.

3) You Decide to Quit Networking Once You Have a Job

“A lot of people hate networking; some people despise it to the point where it makes them feel physically dirty and they want to take a shower, a University of Toronto study found.”

Networking is still very important even after you land a job because still the people you network with will be of help to you. Who knows, people you network with can help you secure promotion to a higher rank. So, failing to network after landing your job is the worst idea you should ever have.

4) Failing to Polish Your Skills

This is a common mistake to freelancers. You forget to polish your skills once you get a few clients who pay you what you deserve. So, you decide that you don’t read every day like you used to do. That’s wrong. Continue sharpening your writing skills because in the end, it’s going to benefit you.

5) Trying to Bond with Co-Workers

“It’s a mistake to align yourself with one person or one camp,” cautions Marian, founder and CEO of coaching, training, and consulting firm Expanding Thought. “While it’s tempting to align yourself with a strong person or group, in doing so, you separate yourself from everyone else. Then what happens when personnel changes occur, someone falls out of favor, or you need support from someone not in the chosen group?”

If you  must bond with co-workers, then make it equal such that it doesn’t appear like you’re so much into other people than the rest.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let your guard down just yet. There is still a few hurdles you will have to encounter before you cross and be on the other end. Don’t let your new job deceive you.