Best Places to Live in Europe for Retirees

Yes, you are here, finally it is time to leave hard work behind and spend the rest of your life reaping the benefits. So why not do it at one of Europe’s amazing locations. Take your time, browse through the places featured in this article, we are sure that you are going to find that ideal spot where you will spend your retirement simply enjoying life to the fullest. So let’s begin!

Valletta, Malta

A beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean? Sold! This amazing city was voted one of the world’s top retirement destinations in 2017. Mostly due to its beautiful architecture, pleasant culture and unbelievably affordable living costs. In comparison to most Western countries Malata is a haven for retirees looking to enjoy warm climate, beautiful see and fantastic food at just a fraction of the price.

Macon, France

Ah yes Burgundy, the region of wine, cheese and beautiful castles. The picturesque landscapes make this one of the best locations for retirement. The town of Macon is tucked in well in this region and has a lot to offer retirees and river Saône gives this town special character. By moving here you can expect calm daily life, street market full of local produce from the surrounding villages, and evening filled with magical music coming from the local cafes. And if you want to stay active well into your old age, there are great bike paths all around the town connecting it to the nearby settlements so you can spend your time exploring the stunning Burgundy countryside.

Belgrade, Serbia

If you want to spend your retirement in a city that is full of energy ands life then the capital of Serbia is definitely your best choice. With the new construction developments like the Belgrade Waterfront, you can find affordable properties that are well suited for retirement life. And with the city center close by, along with the stunning Kalemegdan fortress and park, there’s a lot of options for retirees. And what might interest you the most, the cost of living is quite affordable and you can get to indulge in numerous social activities and cultural events that this vivid city has to offer.

Chania, Crete, Greece

Spending your retirement on a Greek Island, wouldn’t that be something! Spend most of the year sunbathing on gorgeous beaches enjoying fresh fruit and olives, and talking long walks in beautiful old olive grows. And don’t worry you can afford this, the cost of properties and living on Crete is very affordable, so you’ll get to spend your retirement in style, with a glass of fantastic Greek wine in one hand a baklava in the other, watching the sunset over the sea.

You can now take your pick. These are all uniquely beautiful places for you to retire at. All you need to do is decide in what kind of environment you see yourself and your partner growing old together. And everything else will come together, don’t worry, after all, you can always pack up and change the location!

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