Boost your career in a changing world

As the world slowly starts to open itself up again following the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you might have come to the conclusion that your career could do with a revamp in order to stay ahead of the game. This might mean changing your career entirely, or simply making a few simple tweaks for increased satisfaction in your current career. With that being said, if you want to stay ahead of the game, read on to find out how you can boost your career in a changing world.

Pursue a further qualification

Enrolling in a further education course can have a hugely beneficial impact on your career. For instance, a Boston College Applied Economics degree will equip you with the skills necessary to drive strategy and effect change in your industry, enabling you to apply for – and win – leadership positions with confidence. Similarly, enrolling in a marketing course can provide you with the knowledge and skills to create, implement and evaluate effective marketing strategies. As a result, you will be able to develop targeted marketing plans that will effectively reach your target audience and increase sales. In addition, with a marketing mix modeling course, you can learn how to measure and analyze the success of your campaigns, so your strategy can be adjusted accordingly.


Personal connections made with industry colleagues are key to getting ahead with your career. Not only can you share information and news, but by putting yourself out there you ensure that people will think of you whenever any new positions or contracts come up. Thanks to technology and social media, networking has never been easier. Set up a profile on a professional social networking site such as LinkedIn and become active in posting interesting content concerning current industry issues. You should also seek to attend online networking events hosted on platforms as diverse as Zoom and Instagram Live, as well as attending more traditional in-person trade shows.

Get involved in mentoring

Mentoring – either as the mentor or mentee – is one of the most beneficial things you can do to boost your career. If you aspire to have a dream role, look for a mentor who is currently in that position. They can provide you with insights into the responsibilities of that position and help you to develop your skillset by pointing you in the direction of any further training that is beneficial to this role. Furthermore, you can offer your own expertise in the same way to less experienced colleagues by becoming a mentor yourself. As well as the satisfaction of imparting knowledge and helping someone to succeed in their career, your mentee could provide you with fresh insights and enthusiasm to reinvigorate your own jaded approach.

Change your working habits

You might have enjoyed working from home throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and as such be less-enthusiastic about returning to a strict office-based routine. You could see if there is a possibility for more flexibility in working habits going forward, for instance working at home days and flexitime. This would give you greater control over your working life, which could in turn increase your overall life satisfaction.