Build A Future With A Lucrative Career Path

Your future is never set in stone, but you can help secure a successful path by locking down a lucrative career.  If you’re like most people, then you have no idea where you want to go in your career.  

Not everyone knows the path they want to travel in life, but knowing you can make a lot of money could help decipher a few steps in the right direction.  

Here is a quick breakdown of some of the year’s highest paying careers.  As you read, consider how you might want to shape your financial situation in the future.  


You probably already know that anesthesiologists get paid very well.  You can make more than $260,000 a year helping people not feel pain.  

You need four years of medical school and a four-year residency to officially be an anesthesiologist.  This means that you will pay a pretty penny for the education, but the end result will be more than enough to pay off your financial aid debts. 


If you have a heart for helping people with their mental issues, becoming a psychiatrist will be rewarding in more than one way.  The income you’ll earn in the position averages around $220,000, and you’ll gain a raise in pay as you gain experience.


Work hard in law school to specialize in a certain realm of legal representation, and you could make clost to $150,000 a year.  The field is expected to grow with employment opportunities over the next ten years, so there’s no chance of a shortage of jobs.  

People will always need a legal professional to help navigate their cases.  Family law, personal injury, and workers’ compensation legal expertise are all excellent specializations to explore as a lawyer. 


There is a wide range of expertise that fall under the umbrella label of physician.  The average salary of a physician hovers around $200,000 a year. Employment opportunities in the realm of physicians is wide, and the field is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade. 


If you would like to help people smile more, you can achieve your goals as an orthodontist.  Technological advancements have also brought about digital tools, like the Cloud 9 software ( that can be helpful to provide your patients with a smooth experience and improve your overall practice. The yearly income average for an orthodontist is around $225,000, so you won’t have trouble paying the bills. 

Petroleum Engineers

Extracting oil and gas from below the Earth’s surface is a fairly complicated job to perform.  Working in the field as a petroleum engineer grants you an average income of $156,000 per year, and the field is projected to increase over 15 percent in the next decade.  


Flying a commercial airplane for a living will pay well.  You’ll make an average of $169,000 per year, and you’ll have the ability to travel to various places all over the world throughout the course of your career.