How Your Company Can Benefit From Bespoke Ties

Whether bespoke made ties to celebrate your colleagues, or corporate ties worn as uniform, custom ties are a great addition to any company. Read some of the benefits below and find out how you can order custom ties for your company.

Bespoke company ties

Personalised ties are the perfect way to commemorate occasions such as promotions, successes, company anniversaries or special events. Whether you order ties woven in your brand colours, printed with a bespoke design or embroidered with your company logo, they will certainly look the part. Custom designed silk ties are also a great gift to give your colleagues, as they look smart and luxurious.

Corporate uniform ties

Many organisations like to provide their staff members with ties, as they denote clearly to outsiders that they are a member of the company, as well as promoting the sense of being part of the team. You may wish to put all of your staff members in matching ties as part of their uniform, to ensure that everyone has the same smart and professional appearance.Alternatively you may want to create a custom tie design for a certain team, such as customer facing staff or those who work offsite and represent your company.

How to order custom ties

When it comes to ordering corporate ties you can design these yourself and then find a company who can make them to your exact specifications, or you can enlist a specialist tie supplier to help you design your ties. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to best showcase your company’s branding, consult James Morton Ties– a UK based supplier of custom ties and accessories. Their expert design team can advise you on the options and finishes available to help you create the perfect ties for your company.