Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

The office Christmas gift is one of the favourite things of your staff. It is a great way to show your appreciation for the hard work staff have done all throughout the year. However, finding a Christmas gift idea that is appropriate and fun for all staff can be tricky. These 5 ideas for corporate Christmas gifts will help you in your choice.

  1. Gadget

If you have the budget, finding a gadget is a great office holiday gift. Gadgets are a universal gift. In general gadgets are unisex and can appeal to all age groups. Even for those staff members that are less technologically savvy, there are plenty of cool options. Think of a portable speaker, wireless charger or comfortable headphones. Technological gifts also come in a wide price range so you can choose a gadget that best fits your budget.

  1. Christmas Baskets

Corporate Christmas gift ideas often leads to Christmas baskets as they are a smart gift. Christmas baskets spoil for choice. There are many themes that can be chosen from, making it easy to find a Christmas basket that suits your company profile. Food baskets are a great option as everybody will enjoy trying new snacks and gourmet foods.

  1. Extra Time Off

An always welcome gift is some extra time outside of the office, especially during the holiday season. Encourage your staff to spend quality time with their friends and family. This will reinvigorate their work ethic and shows the management also cares about the human side of the company. If the office is already short-staffed, you can offer the extra time off to be on a self-chosen date outside of the holiday season.

  1. Gift Cards

Gift cards can push people to indulge in themselves a little more than a regular salary bonus can. When choosing a gift card for a specific shop, staff will feel like they are treating themselves. Giving your staff a gift card with several shops to spend at as a financial favour to them. This lets them purchase items that they really need instead of sending staff home with a gift they might not use.

  1. Personalised Gifts

A personal touch to a gift always feel a little extra special. Show your staff that you have put good thought into their gift. For companies with fewer staff, a personalised item such a coffee mug or key chain is a fun gift. staff will feel even more appreciated when their corporate holiday gift was made specifically for them. Even for larger companies, a corporate Christmas gift with simply the staff member’s name already shows the personal touch.

The holiday season is a time to spread the joy and gratefulness amongst those surrounding you. This definitely includes the colleagues and staff you see nearly every day. Whichever budget is available, a corporate Christmas gift is an exciting part of the holiday season for your staff. Show your appreciation for the staff with something they can take home and use all year.