Does It Make Sense To Alter Your Appearance To Further Your Career?

At some point in your life, you may wonder if it makes sense to alter your appearance to further your career. There are a few different ways to make this alteration. Some are temporary. Some cost more or less money than others. And still others are more permanent, and also take a lot of aftercare to ensure that the alteration sticks.

It can be a difficult decision trying to figure out if appearance alteration is something you should pursue. You can alter your appearance by becoming healthier and more fit. When you lose weight and add muscle, your appearance changes. But there is a danger of obsessing over fitness as it relates to your career as well.

If you’re in the entertainment industry and you don’t like how you look on screen, you might consider doing something like getting a nose job as a method to improve some of your chances to work on certain types of jobs. Or, maybe you want to alter your appearance by changing your fashion. Even if you don’t live a particular lifestyle, you can at least look like you live that lifestyle.

Obsessing Over Fitness

Probably the hardest but most natural way to change your physical appearance is to start working out and eating better. Unfortunately, this can take time, energy, and money to do it right. When people want to appear more athletic, they’ll do things like join CrossFit for example. But it can be a very obsessive lifestyle if you take it too far. You see all sorts of criticism of specific gyms suggesting that they take their theories about your appearance too far. However, if a better-looking body helps your career, it’s hard to argue against success.

Getting a Nose Job

A shortcut to changing your appearance perhaps to help your career would be to get a nose job. If you want to do something like be an actor or get a job as a reporter on the news, you have to fit within a defined visual spectrum. Unfortunately, that’s part of the game because they exist within such visual mediums. Getting a nose job isn’t necessarily that expensive, but it is a permanent decision in most cases. You should note that a lot of celebrities get nose jobs to maintain their appearance, especially as they get older. That said, if you’re planning to get a nose job, it may be a good idea to research online (check 8 West for reference) or ask as many people before deciding on a cosmetic surgery clinic.

Changing Your Fashion To Fit a Lifestyle

Then there is a matter of changing your fashion as it relates to your career choices. If you ever heard the phrase “dress for success,” then you know that it is a nebulous way of telling people that they should fit the part of an appearance-oriented job. When you go to an interview, you should dress like you already have the job, or you should dress one step above what is required.

This style of advice sometimes has a lot of value, and other times can be seen in a more negative light. You have to use your best judgment when it comes time to make temporary or permanent adjustments to your fashion sense.