The Effects of Injury at Work on Your Career and What to Do to Help Yourself

Suffering an injury at work can have a severe effect on your career, depending on the extent of the accident. Many people have lost their jobs after being rendered unproductive by accidents that occur when at their places of work. This information will help you realise the various effects of suffering an injury at work and what you can do to ensure that you get the right compensation.

What to Do When You are injured at Work

The first step after hurting yourself at work should be to report to your supervisors, either verbally or in writing. Whether the extent of the emergency may require verbal communication, a written note should be emphasised to ensure that you have evidence against losing any legal rights aimed at workers compensation plan from your employer. Some injuries may require you to perform light duties, while others may need you to take a sick-off from work.

Seek Medical Attention

After suffering an injury, you are supposed to see a doctor immediately for treatment. There are various ways of seeking medical attention depending on the company’s policy. You may choose to visit your personal doctor, or the company may refer you to a doctor who is compensated under the firm’s medical plan. In other instances, a corporation may have an insurance policy which allows you to choose your physician who will be paid by your employer.

File a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Filing a worker’s compensation plan is a legal form of requesting for benefits, just like filing for an insurance claim as opposed to a lawsuit against your employer. After notifying your employer of your injury, he should issue you with a claim form immediately. This form should be made available to you to as most states require the doctor’s office, employer and hospital rooms to be in possession of the filled form before commencing the compensation and treatment process. In cases when the employer does not provide the compensation form for any reason, you should contact your state Workers’ Compensation Office for more advice.

Calculate Your Compensation

The amount of compensation benefits revolves around the extent and nature of the injury suffered by the employee. At times, the cause of the accident may be due to the negligence of the employer, lack of proper tools or safety measures. Some injuries may leave the employee incapacitated to perform any tasks for the rest of his life, few months or years. You can use a compensation calculator to determine the amount of compensation that you should claim from your employer. These benefits should be sufficient to cater for your basic needs, medical bills and fee for help given to you by the caregivers.

Seeking professional advice for compensation for an injury at work is the best way of ensuring that you receive the required benefits. Professionals in this field will be able to determine the extent of your injury and work closely with your physician to know the estimated costs of medical care until you have fully recovered.

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