Eliminating Repetitive Tasks in Manufacturing

Studies reveal that more than 40% of workers across various industries spend at least a quarter of their workweek on manual, repetitive tasks. In the manufacturing sector, such mundane activities usually include collecting data and manually entering data. Many people view these tasks as an inefficient use of an employee’s time, given the remarkable automation software available in today’s market.

Innovative automation programs are designed to collect, upload, or synchronize data into a system of record automatically. By doing so, they can help eliminate bottlenecks that slow down production, as well as the manufacturing processes that impact output. Automating various manufacturing processes can also significantly reduce the chances of human error that can lead to injury. In fact, nearly 60% of workers believe they could save six or more hours each week if the repetitive aspects of their jobs were automated.

For more information on the impact of repetitive tasks in manufacturing and how to counter them with technology, please see the accompanying resource.

Repetitive Tasks in Manufacturing from Acieta, a manufacturing robotic company