Employing People Globally: Essential Considerations

With many businesses restructuring to take recent Covid-19 regulations into account worldwide the way of working has changed for so many. Employees are commonly being recruited from across the globe rather than within a 20-mile radius. Although many see the negatives, it is useful to view the vast number of positives too. However, when employing workers looking for jobs in the engineering workplace, an office setting or even in the construction field, there are several essential considerations.

Time Zones

If your business is in London and you are looking at an employee in Seattle, for example, you are looking at an eight-hour time difference. Yes, there are times during the day when your employees will be contactable. However, it is vital to consider that this working relationship will not be a standard 9 to 5 thing. This could be a huge selling point for your business, though. Promoting yourselves as a 24/7 enterprise could work in your favor.

Financial Regulations

Before employing anyone outside of your country, it is vital to take into account any legalities associated with payment and finances. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to investigate the precise nature of how you will pay them. Using an online payroll tool, such as cloudpay.net, has many advantages. With dedicated payroll guides to the basics of doing business in specific countries, including China, Germany, Peru and the United States, you can be reassured that you have plenty of support for expanding globally without being in contradiction to any laws.

Language and Cultural Barriers

It goes without saying that if your employee will be liaising directly with customers whose native language is English, you will require someone with a high level of written and spoken English. Interview situations are very specific, and it is possible to revise heavily for them, having a general idea of the kind of questions that you will ask. Therefore, a role-play situation in addition to the typical interview is advisable. Allowing a short amount of preparation time between presenting the scenario and carrying out the activity means that your understanding of their level of English will be much more accurate. A written task there and then is essential too. Allowing them time to do it overnight, for example, means that they could enlist the help of a family member or friend. It is imperative to ensure they will live up to your company’s reputation. Having said that, many native speakers fail to live up to the standards of those who speak English as a second language, so it may be worth trying these activities with them as well.

It is also worthwhile taking into account any cultural barriers that may exist. While something may be standard practice within your country, it may be different elsewhere. You should also ensure that time off is allowed for regular prayer or important holidays that may be observed in the country in which they live.


Never agree to employing someone without drawing up a contract and getting them to sign it first. Into the contract, incorporate information about a probation period, vacation entitlement and sick pay, for example. Be sure to have them signed prior to them starting work for you.