Five Tips for Maintaining Your Printer

Office printers are the most valuable pieces of equipment in the workplace.

They are commonly used by most staff and being in such constant demand, maintaining them can become even more difficult with so little time to spare.

Your office equipment will have a longer lifespan if it’s maintained properly.

If you want to really reap the rewards of buying a new printer, here are five ways you can maintain yours to ensure it remains a helpful part of your office for years to come.

Do your research

All printers are different,so researching various models before clicking ‘buy’ is very important.

Manuals are provided for a reason; providing customers with recommended procedures to follow when a fault occurs.

Research is not only important during the set-up process, but also when it comes to conducting repairs or replacing of parts.

Furthermore, by failing to follow the instructions set out by the manufacturer, any damage you cause to the printer could invalidate the warranty agreement.

Use the right consumables

If you want to avoid damaging your new printer, it’s in your best interest to use the consumables sold by the manufacturer of your model.

There are cheaper toner cartridges around, however this doesn’t mean that you’ll be benefiting.

By buying the wrong consumables for your printer – that’s those that are not created by the printer manufacturer – you’re running the risk of damaging your printer’s hardware, and being on the receiving end of faded or even blotchy prints.

Store in good conditions

Printers can not only be can damaged by those who use them, but the conditions they’re placed in also.

Print heads can become clogged if left in very warm or dry conditions. In the case of a laser printer, being left in these conditions could lead to toner within the model degrading.

Regarding location, it’s important to keep your office printer away from busy areas to avoid any knocks and bangs to the model. Despite being robust, they can still be affected by consistent bumps overtime.

Update when possible

Most modern printers now, such as an all in one printer, come with software updates that may seem insignificant but can help maintain the condition of your printer.

These updates occur to prevent your printer from being affected by a security issue or a bug. If these updates aren’t carried out, it could leave your model prone to malfunctioning.

An example would be the HP printer range, which uses its internet server to relay whether there are new versions of software on a consistent basis.

Clean regularly

Perhaps the most obvious tip we can provide you with when it comes to printer maintenance is probably the most neglected – give it a good old clean!

Office printers can attract plenty of dust and can also be prone to debris if left untouched. The accumulation of these things can lead to blocked print heads, which will decrease the quality of your print-outs significantly.

Cleaning your printer couldn’t be simpler, all it requires is a wipe down and a vacuum occasionally, to ensure its ridden of anything that could harm it.

Remember though, that cleaning and repairing your device is performed at your own risk, with non-routine maintenance tasks performed by a qualified engineer where necessary.

Certain types of printers, including laser printer models,tend to have their very own cleaning functions which can be activated by turning off the printer using the power switch. This will not work if the printer is turned off by the mains.

It’s important to remember that printer maintenance can save your business money in the long run. By following the tips above, you’ll ensure that your printer doesn’t fail on you anytime soon.

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