Four Awesome Careers in the IT Field

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One of the more exciting career fields today is information technology. And there are so many different subsets of that area that you have a million different options depending on what your interests are. Starting with basic IT knowledge, simply move toward your specialization from there.

You can get into data management, programming, advertising and social media, and artificial intelligence. Those four are just a sampling of the different ways that you can go, but the core information is always going to be similar. You do have to update your knowledge continually, as information technology is rapidly evolving, but should you choose to do this as a career, your options are wide open.

Data Management

Learning about data management is a big part of information technology. It’s all a bunch of binary ones and zeros shooting from one computer to another via cables and cellular data transfers. You have to learn how to translate forms of communication from one pattern to another, and then you have to learn how to create a practical application of that understanding. Every company and even every person now should understand data management from a simplistic standpoint. As a data management professional, you have to have some hard-core knowledge.


Getting into programming is an excellent way to get your feet wet in the information technology field as well. Programmers do all sorts of things, depending on who hires them. Some programmers create frameworks for applications that companies use. Some programmers create games for entertainment apps. There are programmers troubleshoot mainframes and data farms. You have to learn the basics of many different programming languages, but after that point, you can use that knowledge to create all sorts of interesting executable applications all over many different industry types.

Advertising and Social Media

And since all of these IT companies will be competing against one another, advertising and social media come into the mix. Not only do you have to understand information technology, have to know how to promote your understanding of it! So within each company structure that offers IT services, there will be a few specialists who specifically work on advertising and social media aspects of the company.

Artificial Intelligence

In one of the fastest growing industries that will be creeping up on us shortly will be the artificial intelligence field. And IT professionals are going to be in the middle of it because they are the ones who are going to understand how to program computers, and even potentially program the robots that will be joining us soon. Teaching a nonliving processing unit how to think like a human is going to change everything about the technologically connected world. If you want to be a part of that, start a career in information technology, and see where it takes you.

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