Garage Door Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

Whether the plan is to stay on top of top home trends or you are simply looking for ways to increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value, one of the things you can do is a garage door upgrade, whether it is a single car garage, two car garage, portable garage or just a standard garage that comes with the house these are definitely important features for you to think about.

The point of an upgrade is to get something better than you had before, so if you are considering hiring a garage door installation company to come and upgrade your door anytime soon, take a look at some of the top garage door trends guaranteed to be in vogue this coming year.

Bigger garage doors

Households are now looking towards bigger and wider garage doors. Not only do these doors offer a bolder and better look, but they are also ideal for accommodating larger vehicles so that you no longer have to park that big truck outside the garage at night.

Bigger garage doors are ideal for growing families where, while the parents drive a smaller car, there is often a bigger vehicle specially for family outings.

If you want to make a statement with the exterior of your household property, consider upgrading to a big and bold garage door. You can take inspiration from many online sites including Concord Garage Doors, to grasp a visual image of exactly the kind of garage door that would suit your property.

Bold colours

Gone are the days when a white or grey colour garage door was the standard. These days, dark and bold colours are the rage in virtually every aspect of home decor, including the garage doors.

When upgrading, consider a bold colour that will show your personality. Bold colours on the exterior of your house can make a statement like no other, and not only will colours such as matte black, dark red, and so on add style and panache to your house, it also makes your property stand out from all the others on the street. In fact, black garage doors make up one of the top designs in the housing decor trends today.

You can choose to outrightly replace your existing garage door with a bold new one or where budget is a concern, you can settle for hiring a professional garage door service to give your current door a professional paint over. Be sure to choose a colour that properly complements the rest of your house so that you don’t have an eyesore on your hands.

Source of natural light

The typical garage door is usually an unadorned item, except for patterns on the materials that can serve as designs, but these days with better-insulated garage and garage doors, it is becoming increasingly common to see garage doors with windows and other sources of natural light.

In fact, with more and more homeowners converting their garages from a place to park their cars into living spaces, it is becoming more important that a source of natural light is added to garage doors.

In 2020, we predict an upsurge of garage doors with windows of different style and sizes. These additions will brighten and enliven the interior of your garage space, making it the ideal space for virtually any activity you can think of.

There will also be garage doors made completely of glass. These doors will allow in more direct sunlight so that you can experience the interior of your garage space in a different way.

Eco-friendly solutions

These days, more people are becoming increasingly aware of their effect on the environment and are opting for items that leave smaller carbon footprints. This trend has already entered into the property market as more and more people consider energy efficiency options for their homes.

Not only will a well-insulated garage door reduce your spending on energy, but it will also reduce the carbon footprint generated by your household so that you too can confidently say you are doing your part to keep the environment healthy.

In 2020, more garage doors will be installed with higher R-values and lower U-values, the perfect recipe for keeping the interior of your home warm during the cold months with less artificial heat. There will also be more garage doors made from recyclable materials than ever before. Automatic garage doors will also be made to be powered by the sun (solar) so that homeowners can rely less on electricity.

Smart technology

In recent years, technology has grown to become an integral part of the modern home. In fact, most houses have devices on the Internet of things (IoT) network, providing seamless integration and access to vital information.

While most automatic garage doors already make use of high technology, the number of smart garage doors will increase in the coming year. Garage doors will have components on the IoT network. You will also find more garage doors that can be accessed remotely via smartphone, making it possible to give temporary access to your home to people like the housekeeper, babysitter, and workman when you are not around.

This smart technology will also be better than what is currently available, virtually hack-proof even though it will work over a Wi-Fi network.

As you can see, there are just so many improvements coming in the next few months, all of which will not only improve the look and feel of the exterior of your home, but also provide improved functionality and an optimised market value for your home.

Keep an eye out for some of these trends so that you can make the much-needed garage door upgrade when they hit your area.