The Garage: An Ideal Place to Launch Your Next Big Business

Apple, Microsoft, Google, Disney, Yankee Candle Company. You are no doubt familiar with these world famous corporations and likely use one or all of their products on a daily basis. But besides being successful businesses, what does each of these companies have in common? They were all founded in a garage. It may sound like a humble start but with a dream and a space to build it in, each of these founders hit it big. How can you follow in their successful footsteps?

Find a Garage

If you have a garage, it could be a great place to start a business since you can have solitude to concentrate on your project planning and implementation. If you don’t have one, you can explore a few designs of detached Garages to get one constructed or you could employ a custom RV garage as well.

Alternatively, there are prefabricated garages you could get, ready to go. It saves time and money. Besides, these garages are made out of metal which makes them stiff and sturdy, great for long use. Running a business from such a garage would be a low-maintenance endeavor. You could contact a steel building contractor and ask him about metal building kits for garages. You could have your own garage in a matter of days, depending on your location.

Ok, it could also be other spaces, including kitchen, living room, dorm room, shed, covered porch, or wherever else you can find affordable (preferably free) real estate. The important thing is that you find a workspace that is conducive to what you need to get the job done. You may have heard “location is everything”. However, if you have not fine-tuned your project, it is no time to drop money you do not have on renting that great storefront downtown. Or, if you are testing the waters with wholesale products (like those from, for instance), perhaps wait until you see those sales stay stable before splashing out for a warehouse. This is the humble start to your great, future success story. So get cozy.

Make it Ready

To make your garage the ideal place to launch your next big business, there are several changes that you may need to consider. Firstly, you need to ensure that the garage space is clean, organized, and functional. You may need to invest in storage solutions, such as shelving, cabinets, and wall hooks to keep tools, equipment, and supplies organized. These could be easily arranged using the services of The Smarter Garage or similar companies. You may also need to consider upgrading the electrical system, installing proper lighting, and setting up a heating and cooling system to ensure that the space is comfortable and safe to work in. Additionally, you may need to add a workbench, a desk, or other work surfaces to the garage to enable you to work effectively and efficiently.

Be Ready to Work…Hard

It’s tough to get a business going. You will have to expect long hours and it is more difficult to separate work from home when running the business out of your house. That’s why it’s important to stick to a schedule, be self-disciplined, and don’t neglect your sleep or your family time. This will prevent you from getting the work done that you need to while not burning out. Remind yourself why you want this endeavor to succeed.


You have to be a good planner for your business to grow into a large corporation. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. That means you will have to adapt. You will make mistakes. Investors may not respond to your idea with the same enthusiasm as you have. It will be nearly impossible to produce a product the exact way you envisioned on the first try. There will be a lot of trial and error at this stage. Therefore, it’s important to stay positive, change things if and when you need to, and embrace what you learn along the way.

Yes the real reason the above mentioned corporations succeeded to the extent they did, isn’t just because they had the garage in common. They had drive and with that kind of incentive, it doesn’t matter where you start up.