Home Owner Associations: A brief introduction

Did you know that 50 million Americans live within communities run by home owner associations? Large numbers of people choose such environments as it falls within their budget range. There is also the whole idea of being part of a community that supports people who like the idea of pleasant neighbourhoods. With dense populations living within gated communities, tower blocks and housing estates, such associations are now the way in which peace among residents is confidently upheld.

Global Expansion

Across the globe the American template is replicated with the formation of associations in many city and town environments. It is one of the few ways that buildings and grounds and associated amenities can be kept to an acceptable standard of living. As the standards of living have increased over recent decades, along with busier work lives, it is an attractive solution for those who find themselves time poor when it comes to property maintenance tasks.


Another very attractive element within such communities is the provision of amenities such as gyms, swimming pools, golf ranges ect. Even though these amenities are shared, the numbers of users are controlled as it is only the community that has access to such provisions. It seems then that the fees that are paid either monthly or annually to the Home Owner Association is well placed as it often seems a more suitable and cheaper option for residents.      

Cost Effective

Due to a series of financial upheavals across the world in recent years, many investors in the form of businesses and companies are moving into the housing development market. With interest rates at an all-time low, this move seems very promising with many housing companies making their highest profits in this industry.  

In many cities across the globe, property has become expensive due to rising demand. Accessing such communities is seen as an affordable option for many home buyers. This has led to growth in property development of this type.

Many property developers have found themselves in situations with residents that have led to tensions. Developers often don’t have the time or skill to deal with common issues that arise in communities. That is why Home Owner Associations are formed. They act as a buffer when rules and regulations must be enforced so as to keep the community standardised.

Considerations for Home Buyers

As a home buyer, there are many factors to consider beyond the neatly presented show home. A deep analysis should be undertaken to look at how the community’s interests are managed. In other words, what rules and regulations must be followed. In established communities, the Home Owner Association holds all this information for the purchaser or lease holder.


In more recent times, there has been the formation of specialist management companies such as the Cedar Management Group that undertake the work that a community based association would do. The benefit here is that they are professional, neutral entities that are better positioned when it comes to keeping peace and harmony within communities.          

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