Hot Careers in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is a country that can be termed as a state, in change. It’s a country that is growing every day with more progress observed financially, industrially and technologically in the labor force. Careers that were believed to be hot fifty or sixty years ago are no longer hot currently. More careers are coming up and one of these hot careers currently is becoming a bodywork professional, in fact, today, there is an increasing number of bodywork professionals in Atlanta.

It is difficult to guess the careers that will be most beneficial in 2 years’ time, maybe one years’ time because of the ever-changing market.

Other Atlanta’s fastest growing careers include a diverse range of careers that require a variety of abilities which are biomedical engineering, marriage and family therapy and home health care.

Although all these careers are unique on their own, the most rapidly growing careers are in the health sector.

Key information

Atlanta’s rapid growing careers require a variety of abilities and education qualifications. For an entry level career, a bachelor’s degree is necessary while a master’s degree is a required qualification when one wants to advance in these careers.

The top hot careers apart from bodywork professional, are as listed below:

  1. Biomedical Engineers

Biomedical engineers are mostly tasked with designing and instigating expertise in the medical sector that aims at enhancing healthcare in all areas of medicine.  Biomedical engineers are mostly employed by research universities, hospitals, biomedical manufacturers and government bodies where they are mostly tasked with designing latest medical equipment, ranging from gadgets to applications. To qualify for this career, you must have a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering. However, if you hold a bachelor’s degree in another engineering field, you can still pursue a master’s degree in biomedical engineering as an entry path to the career.

  1. Marriage and family therapy.

Marriage and family therapists are mainly helpful when it comes to family counseling, couples, children and adults on matters like divorce, drug and substance abuse, how to raise children, household problems and financial problems.  In addition, marriage and family therapists also help families who are struggling with mental, emotional and behavioral complications by providing assistance on enhancing communication and conflict-resolution aids. These individuals regularly work in private practice or in civic-based healthcare amenities. In case of a situation that they are unable to handle, these individuals will often refer patients to other professionals. To qualify for this career, an individual must have obtained a master’s degree and at times a doctoral degree. You also must get a state license or certification to practice.

  1. Home health assistants

Home health assistants are individuals who provide services in residential areas providing residence-based health care aid. They mostly work for hospitals, home health services, and government-sponsored firms or straight for the patients. These individuals work under the supervision of a licensed nurse or other healthcare specialists, but they can be hired directly by the patients or the patient’s family. Their duties vary, although they mostly deal with basic personal care like help bathing, cooking, dressing, and grooming. To qualify for this career, an individual must have obtained a high school diploma and usually receive on-the-job training. They may also take voluntary state licensing or authorization.

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