How Did They Spend What They Got? The Biggest Jackpot Winners in the UK

Who doesn’t want to win the lottery? Whether you believe in the power of luck or sheer hard work, you cannot deny that winning the lottery is a thrilling experience. Getting millions of dollars into your bank account by just buying a ticket for the lottery is like a dream come true. Several people in the UK have hit it big with lotteries on betting sites like

Do you want to know what lottery winners in the past have done with their money? Let’s get to know.

Adrian and Gillian Bayford

The Bayford couple had planned to spend their big wins in cars and luxury holidays when they hit the jackpot of 148,656,000 pounds in 2012. The couple was in their early 40s and decided to live it big. However, only a year after the win, they split. Gillian found new love, but Adrian had a tough time in settling with someone.

After his marriage broke off, he got engaged in 2012 to split three years later. However, he bought a grade-II listed Georgian mansion that came with 90 acres of lush green land. When the Cambridge Rock Festival was on the verge of cancellation, he staged the festival in these grounds.

Colin and Chris Weir

They won the most mind-numbing prize in the history of UK lottery, totaling up to a staggering 161,653,000 pounds. They donated their wealth extensively to various causes, including the Scottish independence campaign. The couple from Largs in Ayrshire was married for 30 years when they won this prize. They have two kids and won this fireball lottery in 2011. In fact, this prize made them a star on the Sunday Times Rich List where they left behind Ringo Starr regarding wealth.

As with any lottery winner, they bought a fleet of cars and bought a mansion too. However, the mansion soon seemed too small for their needs, and they shifted to an even bigger mansion nearby. The couple suggests that with their newfound wealth, they now have the time to look after the causes they have felt most deeply about. Whether it is donating a million dollars to the National Theater of Scotland or helping local kids play football, they are socially active and living the life they always wanted.

What would you do if you won millions?

Have you ever imagined what you would do if you hit the jackpot in the lottery? Will you buy mansions and cars just like these winners or find start a new life? Will you splurge on luxury vacations or hide your identity from the world and just enjoy the riches in a low-key way?

Many lottery winners have vowed to keep their identities secret, even after winning more than a 100-million pound. Some others have gone broke after winning the millions and spending them mindlessly. No matter what the results, you have to believe that the lottery is a great experience and even if you win small, you can create a small fortune for yourself. What are you waiting for? Get a ticket and test your luck!

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