How printed tissue paper can improve customer experience

Putting some thought into the packaging that you use within your business can really add a touch of luxury which will delight your customers and help you to reinforce your branding.

Using bespoke packaging when wrapping your products does 3 things:

  • It enhances the luxury look and feel of your product
  • Printed packaging reinforces your branding
  • It provides a protective layer to valuable or precious gifts

Top tips for perfect packaging

Make an impact from the beginning

Many shoppers will subconsciously have an emotional pull to stylish packaging, and so retailers need to take advantage of this.

Choose luxury paper bags or printed pillow boxes and add finishing touches such as ribbon handles or printed tissue paper to really make an impact.

Personalise your packaging

Your choice of packaging from paper bags to tissue paper should represent your brand’s personality.

Custom printed paper bags and branded tissue paper reinforce your logo and brand colours, which will help customers to remember you. There’s a chance they’ll also keep and re-use quality packaging, meaning it could get shown off even more.

Quality over quantity

When purchasing bespoke packaging, you should ensure you opt for products that are of a nice quality, instead of just bulk buying cheap ribbons or bags.

Your customers will expect their purchases to survive the journey home, so this is something to consider. Laminated paper bags are a fantastic choice for a sturdier carrier, whilst branded tissue paper can be used to tightly wrap up breakable items so that they remain safe.